Friday, 4 March 2011

Shu Uemura Nobara cream cover stick foundation

During my fun filled days of severe acne I used the Nobara foundation in the old style plastic case as it was very thick and gave high coverage, not the nicest finish but when you skin is really bad you just want to to try and blot it out rather than worrying if it looks natural or not.
I often get breakouts when I try new skincare ranges, foundations and concealers so thought it would be handy to have something that was high coverage. Nobara is now updated and comes in a stick foundation.
This has a medium consistency with a creamy texture and gives high coverage.
I find it not that easy to blend (like the old version) and the formula sinks into pores and highlights dry areas, so I need to have my skin prepped well with moisturiser and a primer is a must to give me a smooth surface.
I find application with a MAC224 works the best. I would say its less greasy than the older version and is longer lasting.
I bought shade 584 (£31) which is a really good match, its quite pigmented so you only need a little bit.
Here it is compared to my MAC NC 15 in Pro long wear
Here is it swiped then blended on the right
Ultimately I don’t think this works for my dry skin but the coverage,wear and colour range is very good and it has surprisingly never given me additional spots.

I bought this from Beauty Expert.


  1. I have not tried Shu's foundations but I also used to use stick foundations for when my skin was really bad (back in my early makeup days it was the Maybelline 3 in 1). Laura Mercier did an excellent one, I can't believe it's been discontinued as this was such a good, non cakey natural looking stick formula (although probably not as full coverage as some others).

  2. Hi Meeta,
    I do remeber hearing good things about the LM one, they seem to have lots of types of foundation formulas you would think they would have kept a stick one in their arsenal.


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