Sunday, 18 August 2013

The New reformulated Diorblush: Beige Nude

Dior have just brought out a newly formulated and packaged Diorblush to replace the existing range. The line up consists of 4 colour categories ( red, pink, coral and beige) with 3 different finishes (matte, satin and iridescent).

I think there were about 15 shades at the counter I went to. On swatching the shades I would say they all seemed to have good pigment, though some did not feel quite as smooth as others  so I would recommend trying these out before buying.

I bought the lightest looking shade, #746 Beige Nude (£30). It feels very smooth and though pigment seems sheer at first its very buildable.
Swatched below twice and then four times

Swatched below (one swatch each) L-R: Tom Ford Frantic Love, Dior Beige Nude, Sisly Phyto-Blush Eclat #5 Pinky Coral.

It applies without any patchiness and has a very long lasting wear. The slightly shimmered colour mixes neutral tones of peach, pink and a hint of beige, with the peach being more dominant on my cool toned skin.

Shown below in outside light so you can see how much this particular shades varies depending on lighting.

I definitely think this is an improvement of the former blushes which I found could be dry and apply slightly uneven. Its a very nice blush, but I am not running out to buy more shades as I prefer a more creamy feel to my blushers due to my dry and uneven skin.

Ingredients below, this does contain noticeable fragrance.

I bought this from Boots.


  1. I have seen these at the counter just before I left for holidays and didnt have time to pick up a shade. At these moments, I always buy too many shades since I can't decide so it was a good decision not to buy any ;-))
    I am definetely checking out those once I am back since they are permanent. I love the shade you chose.

  2. Hi Sara,
    There is a good range of shades isn't there, I just got the one as ended up buying more than I expected from the Dior fall collection, always the way ;)

  3. HI Clare,
    I've checked out this range and I must say that there's some improvement in their formula but I still feel that it's dry. This blush collection is permanent so I'll give sometime to judge if this is worth buying ;)

    1. Yes, its doesn't have the creaminess I was hoping for, I do really like the colour I got and am impressed with the long wear but more of a nice to have than a must have :)

  4. That colour looks perfect for you. I've not bought any Dior blushes except for the blush bronzer. Somehow I don't feel the urge to get these, my attention has been taken up by the Chanel creme blushes.

    1. Thank you :) I bought the light pink from the Chanel creme blushes and want to get more now :)


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