Friday, 22 January 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge original skin Blush Gracilis

This is my third RBR blush, not only do they have a very smooth texture and hold up throughout the day but the colours are very natural, if your looking for shimmer and high impact colour then these aren't for you, if however you want a natural shade with a glowy finish I'd recommend these.
Gracilis is a medium toned rose that leans cool. I have very pale skin that is also very ruddy so I have to be careful with more pink/rose coloured blushers as they often enhance it, but luckily that is not the case with this shade.
I've taken a picture/swatches with all three of the shades I have.
Swatches L-R Delicata,Starina,Gracilis (please click to enlarge)

I buy all my RBR from and these blushers cost £25 each. I've noticed Zuneta have added some RBR brushes to their site, although they are rather spendy, but we will see......


  1. You know I adore my RBR blush (Florita)! As soon as I finish my project 10 pan (yes, I've embarked on it, still have to post about it, though!) I'm going to get another one. Gracilis looks really pretty, though perhaps I'll go for something in the orange family, as Florita is already very much in the berry/pink one! xx
    PS: tagged you!

  2. Hi Anna,
    Your brave doing project 10 pan, don't think I could handle a project one pan let alone 10 !

  3. Wow I wonder where I can get these in the Uk..they look quite pretty and worth checking out!

  4. Hi Musicalhouses, is a UK site so you are in luck! RBR is one of my favourite brands, let me know if you end up trying anything.

    Hello Gabriela,
    Thanks for stopping by, my RBR collection keeps growing and growing.... :)


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