Wednesday, 27 January 2010

TAG: Getting to know you / 7 random things

I was tagged by sweet Anna from

Here goes for some rip-roaring facts about me :)

1.I have a purple car

2.I adore Kinder chocolate (I’ve been known to eat my way through 2 boxes of the individual wrapped 8 bar packs in one sitting quite happily)

3.I’m 5 foot 10 inches tall

4.I’ve not been to the cinema in over 6 years!

5.I’ve conceded that I no longer can fit in a size 12 at Topshop (is it me or are their sizes smaller than other stores or am I being delusional ?)

6.I’m a constant worrier, I tend to think the worse and then run with it!

7. I told myself this year I would cut down on my cosmetic spending, this resolution has worked wonders, as I worked out that I have spent more this month than normal, its like when I tell myself I need to eat more healthy and then find myself standing in boots on my lunch break with chocolate in hand….

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  1. Im 5ft 10 too!

    Im a size 10 in all pretty much brands. Except topshop jeans. They dont even come up to my knees! Its so frustratingly annoying!!!

  2. Ooh thanks for the tag! I have to get round to doing a "7 things" post soon.

    I'd kill to be 5'10"! I'm only 5'1" :-(

    Yep, Topshop sizes do come up smaller than any other store. Miles smaller. I always thought it was other stores making their sizes bigger though... as an ego boost for their customers. Not sure which way round it is!

  3. Thanks for the tag, :) I'll try and get round to doing it as soon as possible.
    I'd be a total midget next to you I'm only 5'2" and find it a complete pain in the backside to find clothes that fit, they are always too long.

    I do find Topshop sizes are cut a little smaller, especially their cardigans and jeans.

    Kinder chocolate is also one of my favourites, in particular those little eggs you get at Christmas and easter, yummy.

  4. Thanks for the tag, I'll get it done as soon as poss! I found you yesterday looking for swatches of some of the Illamasqua sale stuff. I'm gone catch up on some more of your reveiws next week.

  5. Hi Tali,
    Funny you are the same height! Wish I was a size 10, too much chocolate :)

    Hi Beauty Scribbler,
    I'll look forward to your post ! I'd heard that brands like M&S and next made their sizes a bit bigger as well, your right, probably as an ego boost!

    Hi Pinksparkle84,
    Yes, Topshop Jeans don't like me :)
    Don't even get me started on the little Kinder eggs...we use to get them for Christmas when we were children and my mum still buys us them now.

    Hi Sparklz and shine,
    Their sale stuff is quite tempting, I'm really looking forward to their spring/summer collection, all I have heard of so far is the body sheen things.I'll keep an eye out for your post :)


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