Friday, 12 November 2010

Dior Holiday: Nail Lacquer in Czarina Gold

As soon as I saw the first pictures of Czarina Gold from Dior's Holiday collection I was eagerly awaiting its release here.
In the bottle this olive tinged black/brown infused with gold-sparkle is quite stunning.
Here's a close up of the bottle:
The brush head is a lot wider compared to normal ones, it laid down more colour and covered a wider area but I found it difficult to get application neat due to the size.
After I put it on, something was terribly wrong. I don't get the colour in the bottle, what I get is a flat, dull dark brown with a bit of gold sparkle.
Just to add to the disappointment, this chips on me really badly, I can't even get one days wear without a bit of chipping.
I have seen many great reviews for this and lovely pictures of it applied but this wasn't for me and I think it was a waste of my £17 so not something I'll be recommending to you.


  1. Oh yes.. Chanel is by far the worst for nail varnish. Dead color that look nothing like the bottle and instant chipping. BIG rip off!! x

  2. Such a shame it didn't look like it did in the bottle. Even though I don't own it, it looked a little like a nail varnish version of RBR's Abyssinian Catbird. Thanks for the post, it means one less nail varnish for me to waste my money on!

  3. Oh, What a shame! Can you return it?

  4. Gorgeous in the bottle but I don't love it on the nail. Hopefully you can return it :(

  5. Too late for me, I also bought this a couple of weeks ago! (It's actually going to be my next post...) Terrible chipping, yes, and I too haven't got the hang of the brush yet, but personally I quite like the colour...did u put 1 or 2 coats? I always LOL when I read people's comments about returning items...we wish!!! Have a great weekend :) xxx

  6. What a huge disappointment, it looks a super colour in the bottle. The Bristol Beauty Blog did a post on a Chanel eyeshadow which ws disappointing and at the risk of repeating myself, the only Chanel I have ever bought is a lipgloss, loved the colour but the packaging was abysmal, the gloss leaked everywhere when I popped the brush and the execution was even worse. The trouble is that when you are making a considered purchase, the disappointment is multiplied. Jan x

  7. Hi Tali,
    Yes, don't think I'll buy another Dior one again, such a waste of money!

    Hi Lipstick Luvvie,
    Yes, it does look like RBR AC in the bottle, maybe that was why I was drawn to it :)

    Hi Ava,
    Unfortunately we can't return things here in the UK, which makes it all the worse.

    Hi Funnyfacebeauty,
    They don't do returns here, not really sure what I'll do with it, probably stuff it at the back of my makeup drawer and try and forget about it :)

    Hi Anna,
    I used two coats, I'll be interested to see it on you in your review, do you use a top coat at all to give the colour a bit of a lift ? x

    Hi Jan,
    I am pretty miffed, you just expect better for the price, actually this may well be the worse nail polish I have ever used for chipping and that includes all the drugstore ones I have had as well.

  8. What a disappointment. It looks beautiful in the bottle and I agree with Jennifer, very reminiscent of AC. If only it had translated to the nail x

  9. This was on my xmas list! I'm so bummed that it's such a waste! Can you return it? x jeanie

  10. Hi Jane,
    Yes disappointment is the nice way of putting it :) I don't seem to do too well with dior!

    Hi Jeanie,
    Sadly no we can't do returns in the UK. Some people seem to really like it though, but I'd say to take it off the list personally.

  11. May I suggest China Glaze Wagon Trail?
    Seeing swatches of it online, I think it comes really close to the shade you expected the Dior one to be! xx

  12. Hi Tina,
    I've not tried China glaze before, thanks for the suggestion, will make sure to check it out x

  13. Oh... that's a bit of disappointment! I was going to buy this, but now I don't think I will... I felt in love with the colour in the bottle, but if it doesn't look the same, there's no point!

  14. Hi Beauty Addict,
    Yes, such a shame as I thought I would really love it, I guess thats the problem with nail varnish,can't really test it in store so have to assume it will applie like how it is in the bottle.


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