Friday, 26 November 2010

L'Occitane Fleur Cherie Lipstick Rose Sequins

Fleur Cherie is L’Occitane's second seasonal makeup collection launched this year. I would say the whole collection is wearable for those preferring the more natural look. Colours are delicate so don't expect intense pigmentation. I picked up the Lipstick in Rose Sequins (£12.50).
Its packaged in a cardboard tube and has a hydrating, balmy texture, great for the winter months when you want that bit of comfort. The colour I bought is a sheer, slightly warmed glossy pink, a pretty everyday colour although it does not last long.
All the products have a orange blossom scent which is something I am not overly keen on personally, that said it is quite subtle and does seem to disappear after the initial application. I don't think its a collection I would say to go out of your way to get but if you happen to be getting something else from L’Occitane ( I always seem to around Christmas) then its worth having a look (I did like the look of Ruban Rouge Lipstick, which swatched as a sheer red with a bit of pop to it).


  1. Really pretty. I dont know where to get that brand in Canada

  2. Hi FunnyFaceBeauty,
    I had a look at the online site Boutiques locator and they seem to have quite a few in Canada, not trying to encourage you :)


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