Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MAC : A Tartan Tale Holiday Collection

Sometimes I'll get an idea and its not a good one, like thinking I needed some lavender/purple lip colours. Enter MAC Tartan Tale holiday collection and we have the paring of Courting Lilac and Gone Romancin’ dazzleglass creme.
Although Courting Lilac (£12.50) is a glaze formula, I do not find this shade particularly sheer. Its a cool toned mauve/purple with a gold shimmer/sheen. Gone Romancin’ (£14.50) is a very shimmery, frosty, lilac with a hint of pink.
Courting Lilac looks a bit dull and the colour too mismatched with my skintone and Gone Romancin’ is just too shimmery/frosty. Worn together and they work better, as the dazzleglass gives it a lift and a bit of brightness and the lipstick takes some of the edge off the shimmer/frost of the gloss.
I hadn't even been thinking about getting one of the blusher kits then tempting Anna went and did a post of them and drew me in
I got the Hark the Heraldry Face Kit (£29.50) .

It includes a beauty powder, Oh So Fair (sheer pale pink) and two blushes: Dame (very cool toned medium pink ), Plum Foolery (dusty rose plum with golden shimmer).
MAC do not make my favorite blushes, I find they have a tendency to go on a bit patchy and do not last that well, I do however like their beauty powders and I thought this would be a useful set to have as I don't seem too have many pinky blushers at the moment as I have been off on a peachy tangent.
Here are the blush ingredients:
I did almost get the Sir Teddy, however in real life he was a bit smaller and not as soft as expected, I noticed his bow and tag and thought about how my little boy treats soft toys and realised this bear may not last too well.


  1. The lilac gloss looks rather pretty. This year's holiday collection really disappointing for me since we've seen most of the colors before. Thanks for the awesome swatches and review.

  2. I've been lemming that blush kit (since I read Anna's post too).... I'm trying not to cave- it's so tough though!
    I do like the look of the gloss- v pretty and shimmery.

    I was thinking (on the Dior np) would a quick coat of some tonal shimmery np liven it up a bit? Just a thought ;O)
    x jeanie

  3. I was very tempted by the blush kits but I didn't buy anything. For some reason it's easier for me to skip MAC holiday collections. The lip colours do look rather pretty, especially Although Courting Lilac.

  4. When I first spotted this post, it raised a smile. You've been snared by MAC again. I haven't paid much attention to Tartan Tale but I do like that blush kit very much. I had been keen on Oh So Fair from Venomous Villains but it had sold out. I have and really like Dame. As ever you are tempting me!
    Jane x

  5. Hi Kristie,
    I know what you mean, it does seem the colours get repeated, I guess they bring out so much stuff, things end up being variations rather than different.

    Hi Jeanie,
    I do think the blush kit is a useful set to have, although you may well have similar colours.
    I had not thought of using something over the Dior, will be worth a try, it needs something thats for sure, thanks x

    Hi Meeta,
    I had thought I would skip the colour but got sucked in. I think like Kristie was saying their holiday stuff gets a bit repetitive.

    Hi Jane,
    I was going to get an eye palette as well, so you should be proud of my control!
    I can see that the colours are very you, but then if you have dame seems a shame to get a duplicate shade, unless you can use the palette more for when you go on holidays ?

  6. Sorry, late again in commenting :(...bad, especially seeing as you linked to my MAC post! Yeah, Teddy is a bit hard and smaller than expected, I suppose I didn't think about the bow etc because my son has never been the mauling kind so everything is quite safe around him! I'm happy to have inspired you, usually it's the other way round, hehe! I must admit I bought more from this collection than I really wanted, mainly because I was at the event and I sort of felt compelled (we did have 20% off ...), but I'm happy with both my face kits. AS much as I liked the idea of the Gone Romancin' colour, when I saw it applied I was a bit "Ugh! That's a bit pale and frosty!", definitely not good with my skin tone, so I'm wondering who it would look good on, really! xx

  7. Hi Anna,
    I think you were duty bound with the 20% off :)
    I think "Ugh" is a good description, tbh I have put both of the lip products away for now as I scared myself a bit with them, I think I'll stay away from those types of colours in the future! x


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