Saturday, 6 November 2010

Trish Mcevoy Lash Enhancer Nighttime Conditioning Treatment : 2 Month Result

I've been using the Trish Mcevoy Lash Enhancer for a little over 2 months now. I was applying it every night but for the last two weeks I have only applied it three times a week as I am happy with the look of my lashes so just want to maintain it.
The Lash Enhancer is meant to "condition, hydrate, strengthen, and nourish lashes and promote stronger, fuller, healthier lashes". I think my lashes are fuller and are stronger (I don't get lash fall out like I used to).
Picture below: on your left is before Lash Enhancer and on your right is after Lash Enhancer.
The only disadvantage is its price tag (£89), this is not the type of product I would buy on a whim and had it not been sent to me this would have been something I would have thoroughly researched first.
For me I would say this works and I will buy this when I run out as it gives me no irritation, is a very easy, no hassle to use product and I can see visible results.

Unfortunately the Trish Mcevoy online launch for us in the UK has been delayed so for now I'll have to stick to mail ordering from Selfridges as I have my eye on the Beauty Emergency Kit for Eyes.

Disclaimer: This was sent to me for free.


  1. Definate change to be seen. I *shudder* at the price though. I use castor oil, every now and again for a series of nights, cheap as chips and it works if a little gloopy. I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts but never have any probs, lots of reviews on MUA. Glad that this has worked for you though. I have extremely wimpy lashes, long but fragile. Thanks for this. Jan x

  2. It does seem to be working for you, especially as far as fullness is concerned. They also appear visibly stronger! I so admire your perseverance, I'd have probably given up half way through, because I'm lazy like that! Have you ever thought of trying the L'Oreal one that Tali swears by? xxx

  3. I have to admit I was very sceptical about this, but it does seem to work!The difference is indeed noticeable and the huge plus is the absence of any irritation. Very pleased you saw results!
    I had a look at the Emergency Kit the other day and it is very cute indeed: nice, usable, shimmery neutrals and, despite the small size, I think it's good value for money. I was tempted, but the combined Le Metier damage thankfully stopped me :-)
    Nina x

  4. Hi Jan,
    The castor oil sounds interesting and a lot cheaper :) I'll check the reviews on MUA, thanks!

    Hi Anna,
    Believe me I am very lazy with my routine but this was very easy to just apply once over the lashes each night. I'll have a look at the L'oreal one, I had a feeling I have read a few reviews of that one where it had irritated people a bit though, I'll have to check again ? x

    Hi Nina,
    I know what you mean about being sceptical, its like all these mascara they have out now where they are meant to make your lashes grow, I was very surprised this worked tbh, not sure I am entirely pleased given the price ;) good to hear you liked the look of the Emergency Kit, means it must be good! x


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