Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Snowberry Gentle Remineralising Toner

This is my fourth item from the Snowberry range. From New Zealand,this premium anti-aging skin care range offers products that boast scientific advanced ingredients without silicones,glycols,volatile alcohols, parabens or artificial colours. I have very sensitive acne/prone skin and although I would normally avoid ingredient lists that are as long as the Snowberry's ones I have surprisingly never had any reactions/break outs from the products.
The first thing I noticed about this toner is that the formula/texture is different. Its quite thick and is not watery, its brown in colour and has quite a herbal smell. I put a bit in my hands, add a drop of water, massage onto my face then wipe off with wet pads. It could probably be used as a light cleanser as it is able to remove dirt/light makeup. Going from memory I think it cost me £48 for the 100ml size.
The toner contains Marine algae extracts and Co Enzyme Q10 that are meant to "tighten the skin, strengthen skin connective tissue, neutralise free radicals and counter inflammation and Neem and Andiroba oils that result in rapid cell rejuvenation and increase skin softness".

My skin was left feeling refreshed and felt really clean and smooth. Unfortunately after a while I noticed that this was not providing enough moisture for my dry skin. This is my only reason I wouldn't re-buy, a shame as I felt this was making a difference in the clarity of my skin tone.
Just to give you an update, I have bought the Instant deep cleanser 3 times now and it is one of my recommended products. I bought all my Snowberry online from Harvey Nichols who stock it exclusively but am sadden to see that the brand is no longer featured on their website. I really think the brand had a very promising and advanced range of products and was eager to try more so its unfortunate that its availability has been greatly diminished.


  1. Sounds like a rather nice range...pricey though! Not very promoted either, which might explain why it is seemingly not doing very well.
    Have a good one Replica!
    Nina x

  2. Awww, I'm so glad I got the cleanser, my skin feels so good with this, not dry at all! So sorry to hear the webside doesn't offer snowberry products anymore. You can still get them at Harvey Nichols Beyond Beauty, though :) xx

  3. The packaging is so attractive, more Scandinavian than New Zealand-ish, really...I'd love to try this brand, especially the cleanser, my skin is acting up at the moment and I can't seem to find anything to soothe it whilst also cleaning it to perfection. Perhaps next time I'm in London...or New Zealand??? Yeah, right! xxx

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  5. Hi Nina,
    I'm hoping that some other store will take it tbh, I've not heard much about the brand at all from other blogs, I'm sure more people would be interested if they actually know about it x

    Hi Sam,
    Glad the cleanser is still working for you, its a shame it doesn't come in a larger bottle, not great paying £5 postage every order.

    Hi Anna,
    I think if you can get hold of it you should. I've been using the Nude cleanser and hydrating water as a subsitute and that seems to not upset me, can you get that range where you are ? x

    Hi Alcia,
    What a great idea, off to have a look :)

  6. This looks like a really interesting range. What a shame is has disappeared from the HN website. I may have to call in a favour from my friend in New Zealand. She has been feeling guilty for not being a good Aunty E, I know how to help her now ;)
    Jane x

  7. Hi Jane,
    I like your thinking :) I'm sure I will end up spending loads trying to find a suitable substitute knowing what I'm like!

  8. Hello

    Have you tried the snowberry Everyday SPF15 sunscreen yet? Its absolutely amazing! I highly recommend you get it, its clear, alcohol free and 100% natural and uses non nano zinc oxide. Its the best sunscreen I've ever used! You can get it at I also love the rich day cream and use that underneath the sunscreen, its just so anti ageing, its pure bliss!

    Best wishes


  9. Hi Ranjitt,
    I've not tried it but I have been thinking about it, it sounds great from what you say so I think you may have swayed me ;)
    I have some other Snowberry skincare I am using at the moment from the bright defense range, really quite impressed so far. Thanks for letting me know about the sunscreen as I don't see any reviews for Snowberry so its very helpful to hear from someone who is using the range x

  10. Hello

    Thank you for your response. It's great to hear that you like the bright defence range as I was thinking of trying the serum and night cream. Are you going to do a review on them on here as it would be very helpful? I know what you mean no one seems to know about Snowberry and I'm suprised because its amazing stuff. I would definitely purchase the Snowberry Everyday SPF15 if I were you now its spring we need the protection.

    Best wishes


  11. Hi Ranjitt,
    I'll be reviewing all the new Snowberry products I have bought. I've just replied to your email ;) x


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