Sunday, 14 November 2010

Le Métier de Beauté: Maldives Magic Blonzer & Le Cirque Kaleidoscope EOTD

I was very intrigued by the Maldives Magic Blonzer. Its presented as a combination of blush and bronzer suitable for the majority of skin tones. I was fortunate that I got this as a gift from a very thoughtful friend (its normal retail price is £35).
I was slightly concerned when I opened it as it was rather dark, and I am extremely pale. I have tried various bronzing type products and have only been happy with one so this was going to be a tough test.
The powder feels extremely fine and silky smooth. The colour is a warm brown bronze with very subtle golden shimmer. The colour is pigmented and also extremely buildable so I think this will suit a wide variety of skin tones. The colour lasts throughout the day with no fading.
Swatched below L-R: 1 swipe,2 swipes,3 swipes.
I can just about get away with it if I use a powder brush and very gingerly tap it in the product once, that gives me enough colour for both sides of my face.
It also works really nice as an eyeshadow, I use it in the crease with a beige on the main lid for a no fuss natural look.
I'm really pleased that I have this although I would say its probably more suited for those darker than me (I'm a bit lighter than a MAC NW15).
Here is my eye of the day with the fall Le Cirque Kaleidoscope. I was slightly hesitant to post this as I couldn't catch all the tones of the colours but hopefully it gives you an idea.
Here is it using the Couche de Coleurs layering technique (all the colours are layered from the top to bottom in the kit, so you start from the lightest and go down to the darkest)
For the next one I just added a bit of the purple shade to the crease and outer edge to give it a bit more depth.
I am really loving this, and can create a variety of looks with it.
Le Métier de Beauté is available from Liberty and Selfridges.


  1. The bronzer looks lovely in your first pic, and it doesn't look orange either. It's good that is is versatile, this is one to keep in mind once I get through my others.

  2. The bronzer looks good. It is definitely pigmented so I agree, a light tap on the pan with a fluffy brush is all it takes. I love the layering of the swatches, that's really helpful to see the colour that can be achieved.

    I knew I would love your eye looks with Le Cirque. Beautiful as always, you are a demon with your blending!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Jane x

  3. I agree, it's a killer pigmentation-wise (as I found out at my own expense lol). Having said that, I think it looks lovely on your cheeks and works spectacularly well on the eyes! It just would not have occurred to me...
    As for the Kaleidoscope, well, no comment can surpass Jane's "you are a demon with your blending" (still loling at that one!). Absolutely gorgeous! I'm curious, did you use your Le Metier pencil as a base?
    Have a brilliant week hon...


  4. Thanks for the swatches sweetie!!It looks so pretty so I guess thats why you love it!!!

  5. That is a lovely blusher, I'd probably be able to pull it off quite easily, although I'm not really having an all-over-the face bronzing moment right now...And Le Cirque...what can I looks gorgeous on you! I love both looks, with perhaps a preference for the first one, though I'm sure the purplish one looks amazing when your eyes are looking up!! xxx

  6. Hi Meeta,
    I was very impressed by the variant in degree of colour you could get with it.

    Hi Jane,
    That made me laugh, glad you like the eye looks. I was thinking I hadn't tried doing it from bottom to top colour yet x

    Hi Nina,
    I too applied it a bit too full on when I first used it! I didn't use the pencil as a base, I will try that though, can't quite imagine how it will make the colours come out x

    Hi Blushingloves,
    I think LMDB is becoming my new addiction

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks, you know I don't tend to do photos with my eyes open as doesn't seem to show much of the shadow. I did try and take some pictures of that betsy lipstick on but they didn't come out realistically unfortunately, I wonder if I should get one of those day light lamps, although that maybe a bit excessive! x

  7. Gorgeous as always! You are tempting me w that bronzer (not like I don't have 10 in my drawer- lol). x jeanie

  8. Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks :) Yes, I seem to stockpile on certain items as well, hate to think how many taupes I have ;)


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