Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Guerlain Les Ors Holiday 2010

I had a rare moment of makeup restraint and only picked up two items from the Guerlain holiday collection.
KissKiss Strass in shade Rose de la Reine (£20) is a sheer, sparkly warm light pink with a subtle blue iridescence. I've taken a close up picture, when you enlarge it you can see the blue sparkles.
It feels creamy and moisturising, although I would say the texture is a bit too soft so I do wonder if it would smoosh in hot weather. The only downside for me is that this does not last very long.
I also picked up the Rouge G de Brilliant in shade Betsy (£27). These differ from the original Rouge G as the colours are sheerer and have more of a glossy sheen. Betsy is a sheer plummy rose. It looks a lot more plum in the tube to how it applies. The formula feels really lightweight, smooth and very comfortable and I would say wear is average.
Both shades are scented. Swatches below L-R: Rose de la Reine, Betsy
I'm extremely pleased with both shades, although I would say I prefer the formula of Betsy. I do still feel a slight temptation to get the Velours d’Or eye quad even though the gold is probably too yellow but I did like the look of the dusky purple shade.


  1. me too! i'd love the dirty glistening purple shade, all the other colors seem dupeable to me. but this can't justify me buying the whole quad, but i'd looooove to!

  2. I've had Betsy on my wish list for a bit, but I have too many things on there at the moment so other stuff will take precedence (Chantecaille??). Can you do a lip swatch of it? Thanks!! xxx
    PS: restraint? What does that word mean? Somehow it seems to be missing from my vocab!!!!

  3. Oh I like Betsy and a soft plum is what I've been looking for (amongst 100 of other things, to be honest).
    I think I swatched the Rouge G Brilliant in the colour B63 Bella instore and it looked lovely, a soft plummy rose as well.

  4. Both of these are pretty colors indeed. I like the sheer formula compared with the regular but overall can't stand the strong fragrance of Guerlain lipsticks. Love the packaging though!

  5. They are both gorgeous colours and I love how you had restraint and only bought two (thats my kind of restraint too).

  6. They look like sheer and comfortable colours, I never consider Guerlain for makeup, it is a range I associate with perfume, but the makeup always seems to be a bit too sophisticated for me, and having the fear of makeup counters and SAs, the Guerlain counter is probably top of that list! Thankyou for the post and pics.
    Jan x

  7. I've had my eye on Betsy as well. It looks lovely and very easy to wear too. I think it's a shade that will look just gorgeous on you :-)

  8. Hi Ketoglutarat,
    I am telling myself I shouldn't buy the quad just for one shade..and yet I keep thinking about it ;)

    Hi Anna,
    Well I have divided up my wish list so have ones going for each brand now, so bet that beats your list ;P . Now you know my lips look wonky when I do lip pictures, I will try and get one done for you, although I am currently in photo rage at the moment as all sunlight seems to have disappeared. x

    Hi Klara,
    It really is a gorgeous shade, now you have me interested in Bella, will have to try and have a look at that one :)

    Hi Kristie,
    Yes, I do agree that the fragrance is quite strong, although doesn't bothered me compared to some, I don't know why the majority of brands have a fragrance really as mostly it seems people don't like it.

    Hi FunnyFaceBeauty,
    I'm just telling myself I was being good ;) the SA looked so disappointed when I just got the two things though, she was trying to get me to let her do my makeup so I'd buy more,even though my 2 year old was screaming by my side!

    Hi Jan,
    I used to be very uninterested in Guerlain and thought it a very old fashioned brand tbh but once I tried a few things I now make sure to always check out the new collections. I know what you mean about counter fear, I wanted to have a look at the La Mer new eye cream but daren't go near the counter as I am sure they will look down on me!

    Hi Nina,
    Thanks, I am really glad I got it, still think the packaging it too bulky though, especially as I have so many lipsticks, need all the space I can get :) x

  9. Betsy looks lovely and I'm sure that's the one I swatched and preferred to Bee. I think I would like it, both the colour and texture are appealing.

    I know what you mean about the palette. With the exception of the gold I find the colours very tempting. I wonder if you'll crack.... ;)
    Jane x

  10. Hi Jane,
    I am trying not to succumb, although Debenhams do have that 10% off at the moment.. ;)

  11. Oh yes, I know. I almost sent you the link yesterday. They do indeed have the Beige Nude (or Nude Beige - I always forget which way) on sale too. ;)

  12. just seen the spaceNK 20% off now as well to find someone who has some money I can "borrow" ;)

  13. .....well, it's official. When people send me money off vouchers, I am completely unable to ignore them. I went a little barmy earlier. What can I say, I've had the week from hell!!!
    Jane x


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