Friday, 28 August 2009

Closer look at most recent Rouge Bunny Rouge order.

Here are the swatches of my most recent RBR order. The eyeshadows are 'Angelic Cockatiels' (shimmery warm peachy/honey nude),'Periwinkle Cardinal' (shimmery moss green, with silver and gold tones) 'A Major - fis Minor' (very sheer gold and a muted cool toned brown).

Lipsticks in 'Know What Lies Are For' (neutral nude/beige with a touch of brown). I don't tend to go for this type of colour as they usually make me look like I have had all the life sucked out of me, but this shade is really wearable. 'Tongue Tickles', a sheer shimmery neutral pink; the shimmer in this is silver (this is the sheer formula and feels a bit more balm like).

Lastly, liquid highlighter in 'Sea Of Showers', which is a beautiful warm champagne glow and my swatch does not do it justice. This is similar to Armani fluid sheer #2, but more pigmented and without the noticeable micro glitter. Armani fluid sheers were my favourite liquid highlighter, but having worn the RBR almost every day since I got it, I can say that I do think it's better than my Armani and although the price (£45) is more that what I would normally pay I will buy more of these.

Once again I really like all these products and RBR seems to be a real winner for me. Their products can be bought from


  1. Completely and utterly agree with you about the highligher - I call them candlelight in a bottle, I love them, and need them all! I am also after several more shadows thanks to this post! Ooooh - lovely!!!

  2. Those products look absolutely lovely. I wish I could buy some. x

  3. I have the highlighter in pink and I love it - it's worth every penny of the price to me.

    I need the Cardinal eyeshadow - it's what I hoped MAC Fashion eyeshadow would be.

    Lovely pics, as ever.x

  4. I have tagged you 2 do a post!
    check out my blog please :D

  5. Hi mizzworthy, "candlelight in a bottle" is a perfect analogy ! I can definitely see you in Angelic Cockatiels and Periwinkle Cardina
    Hi Christina, I do really rate the RBR products I have, I started out with a few things and now want most of the line so probably a dangerous brand to get into :)

    Hello Grace, the pink one is next on my list after seeing your post about it ! I think you will like the cardinal eyeshadow, I don't usually find wearable medium greens but this one is a winner.

    Hi Shifa, thanks for the Tag, will try and do it soon :)


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