Saturday, 1 August 2009

Illamasqua brushes part 1

As any makeup addict will know you tend to accumulate lots of brushes over the years. I am very picky with brushes and do tend to buy from mid to high end as I have not found a brand from the drugstore I like. As I was on an Illamasqua kick I decided to try one of their brushes. Initially hesitant as they were synthetic, after using my first one I quickly acquired more.

I am very impressed with the way they deposit the product, the softness (never scratchy) and that they haven’t shed at all on me so far.

First up I have the Lip brush. This lip brush is really good, firm but not so that its uncomfortable, much better than my NARS one, I predominately bought this to use with my lip quad but have been using it with my intense glosses as well.

Next I have Blusher Brush 1, this so far is my stand out brush. Its quite densely packed so applies less pigmented products (like MAC beauty powders) easily. It’s also the softest blusher brush I have had and a great size, I much prefer it to my MAC #116, #187 and Bobbi Brown blusher brush. I also find its great for applying liquid foundation, buffing it in really well, giving me a better effect than the #187.

I also have the Eye Liner Brush, this is quite firm and has quite a long tip. I can create a medium or more bold line with not much effort but I have not mastered a fine line with this brush yet, so for me this is not a must have.

Lastly there is the Blending Brush 1, size wise this is like a between of MAC 222 and 224, great as a blender, applying crease colour or even applying an all over wash and applying powder to the under eye area to set concealer.

So overall I am very pleased and hope that Illamasqua will expand their brush range. I have some more of their brushes which I’ll write about shortly.


  1. I'm dying to try their brushes but I have so many MAC ones.
    Can't wait to try Illamasqua I have my first package comming to me next week, so excited.

  2. I have that blusher brush, and I use it with the cream foundation. I like it better than the 187 too. Their brushes are excellent, especially for synthetics.

  3. Hi Pinksparkle84, thanks for visiting my blog. I have mainly MAC ones as well, but I think if Illamasqua expand their range they may well be a contender. Will look forward to reading about your first Illamasqua purchases when you get them :)

    Hello Grace, yes I was very surprised how good they are for synthetics, I think I may even get another of their blusher brushes and get rid of my other ones. Thanks for your comment x

  4. It's thanks to you and Julia (Misschievous) that I took the plunge to buy some product from Illamasqua, I mean I love the brands look and creativity but their products are a little more expensive than MAC.
    Still can't wait to recieve my products.

  5. I so hope Illamasqua do expand the range of their brushes - they are so soft and work so well - I haven't had any shedding whatsoever yet either... I have to recommend the powder brush (pefrsct for dusting or "pressing" powder on to foundation for setting purposes. Also the illuminator/highlighter brush - its a dupe for the MAC 109, but oh so much better as it doesn't shed - great for applying blusher too xxx

  6. Hi Pinksparkle84. Well I'm glad to be an enabler ;) I hope you like the stuff you have ordered. I think they will become a rival for MAC, hopefully they will create a new paletting system as that would make some of their stuff more affordable like MAC's. Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Mizzworthy. Those two sound good ( adds to list), I have a feeling I am going to end up with all their brushes :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Replica,thank you so much for great review.
    I was thinking about order them,but wasn't sure since they are expensive.

    MissWorthy,I was trying to find dupe for 109 which will not shed.Thank you.


  8. Hi My Humble Reviews,
    Glad you liked the review, I'll review my other Illamasqua brushes soon. If you are going to get one out of the four I have written about I would definitely recommed the blusher brush 1.
    Thanks for visiting x

  9. I can hardly wait until we have Illamasqua in Canada. I recently did a review of cruelty free brushes on my blog
    Illamasqua brushes are so stylish and don't use animal hair.
    Great review!

  10. Hi Anna,
    Thanks ! Just off to check out your blog :)


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