Sunday, 28 November 2010

Les Tentations de Chanel Holiday 2010

Although Chanel’s holiday collections are never my favourite releases from the brand, I was drawn in by the promo image paring bright pinks with a smoky brown eye.
Tweed Fuchsia blush (£31) is a deep very cool toned pink.
It looks intense and very bright in the pan/when swatched, however it does apply more naturally when used with a brush, although on my very pale skin I apply it very lightly. I also picked up Tweed pink (not from the holiday collection).
I have swatched them together to compare the intensity of the colour.
The colours are not necessarily unique although I will say these last extremely well and I have no colour fade at all.
Here are the ingredients:
The Ombres d’Eau Fluid Eyeshadow (£21.50) in shade Splash is a beautiful medium taupe.
Although I use to have quite a few of the Fluid Eyeshadows, I had forgotten how quickly they dry. I do not have enough time to blend it before it sets, my friend suggested using a flat brush to pick up the colour and layering to get a more even application, and whilst this method is a fast improvement I still feel that the edges look a bit patchy.
I really did want to get the Tentation Cuivree Quad, however I wasn’t impressed with the fall quad eye shadow formula so common sense prevailed in the end.. that's not to say I won’t succumb at some point..


  1. When the lovely and talented SA at my local Nordstrom was doing a holiday look on me, she reached for Tweed Fuchsia and I thought, "Oh, no. This will never work." She must have read the expression on my face because she quickly assured me that the blush would look very natural on my light complexion. And, she was right. She applied it lightly using a fan brush. She said the fan brush gave her more control over the degree of color saturation. It was a good technique tip which I have now adopted for use with blushers that are deeper or stronger in color. There 's no reason why we fair gals can't wear dramatic or bright colors. We just have to be careful to avoid the dreaded clown cheeks that an over-zealous blush application can cause. A fan brush let's me start with a whisper of color and gradually build until I have the intensity I want. Tweed Fuchsia can be a beautiful, soft bloom of color.

  2. I really like the Fushia tweed blush, and I think it's the one Lisa Eldridge has used in some of her tutorials which was great as I wasn't sure how this would look.

  3. Tweed Pink looks very pretty in the pan. I know that isn't the point but I'm sure you know what I mean ;). I didn't get opportunity to use Splash today, I look forward to drying it though and wonder how I'll get on with application. Your swatches are lovely!
    Jane x

  4. Heehee! Great minds think alike! When I asked you if you'd picked up anything from the collection I forgot to mention I had! Fuchsia Tweed and Splash are sitting prettily in my bathroom next to a lipgloss....;) Does the blush look good with your hair colour? Might sound like a weird question, I know! xxx

  5. Hi

    I'm still not sure if I'll pull the trigger on the blush. I have a major lemming for Splash but it's not in the cards for me. It's OOS here- I will live though ;O)

    I'm sure there will be something else that I will be wanting *more* lol
    Great post and pics as always x jeanie

  6. Hi Eileen,
    I think you are right that we shouldn't think we can't wear dramatic/bright colors. Thats interesting about using a fan brush, I don't have one of those in my collection but sounds like I should! :)

    Hi Meeta,
    I'll have to check out those Lisa Eldridge tutorials as I tend to only look at Pixiwoo really on youtube. It does seem that the blush is very popular.

    Hi Jane,
    I think you would like the pink one, I really am liking it, perhaps you may have a closer look when you go to use up your points ;) x

    Hi Anna,
    What great taste we have ;) how are you getting on with Splash ? I think the coolness of the blush fits in with my haircolour if that makes sense x

    Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks, well I am still unsure about splash due to the application so I wouldn't worry about missing out.
    I think I see something else I want every week, sometimes I think its better to hold back on somethings as if you wait a few weeks, at the end of it you sometimes find that you are no longer bothered about it, I do tend to get caught up in things! x


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