Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick

The newest lip formula from D&G is a lipstick/gloss hybrid. The gloss core is surrounded by the creamy lipstick.
As I was buying online haven't not seen the product I was initially drawn to my usual pinky/rose natural shades, however my lovely blogger friend Lakshmi recommended the shade #250 Desirable (£24) for me, its not a shade I would have normally gone for as it looks so very brown in the tube, however Lakshmi is always good at recommending things for me so I trusted her opinion.
This shade is stunning,whilst there is brown/nude tones there it also has a bit of rose, its just a beautiful glossy neutral with a bit of warmth and an extra shiny finish.
Its a pleasure to apply this beautifully smooth,creamy and moisturising lightweight formula.I'd say wear is average.

For me I say this is a product that does deliver what its meant to as it does give the look of a gloss with the benefits of a lipstick texture (not heavy sticky or tacky)
This is scented.

I bought this from Harrods


  1. Oh this is gorgeous. Funnily enough I was just talking last night about the D&G lipsticks and spotted these on the Harrods website. I feel like there is a D&G sized gap (as well as the long-standing Burberry gap) in my collection!

  2. Ah this shade is lovely. I might try it in my next visit, I'm always afraid of brown nudes but this one looks lovely. Thanks for the swatch ;-)

  3. This looks absolutely lovely! Can you believe that I don't own a single D&G item? Yet... :)
    Nina x

  4. This shade is lovely, great packaging too, looks very luxe. I don't tend to go for brown tones either but one of my favorite lipsticks is a browny/rosey nude.
    Grace xx

  5. This colour looks lovely, I bought the shade Impact last week and I have to say I am seriously impressed by the creamy and pigmented texture of these. I probably would have missed these had I not visited the counter as I didn't know they were out.

  6. Hey Replica!! Am *so* glad you like this lipstick!!! The rose finish to a brownish nude is what attracted me to it, great for the gorgeous smokey eyes you do! :) and thanks so much for the sweet compliments, I'm so thrilled you trust my opinion, as I do yours!

  7. I am so glad you liked the formula. When you told me that you were going to order it online, I was keeping my fingers crossed that you would like it. I could never order a lipstick online without seeing it in person!

  8. Hi Jane,
    By gap do you mean chasm? ;) Both brands do make some lovely items, I fear you would end up buying a lot though let loose at a counter, I have to rein myself in a bit just ordering online :) xx

    Hi Ana,
    I was very close to getting one of the ones you have :) This is an real gem though, its a shade I could wear day after day :)

    Hi Nina,
    I am surprised, I do really like this formula and their shadows, I have a blusher (which I'll review soon) but am a bit meh on that x

    Hi Grace,
    Yes, browns just never look that flattering in the tube so I think its easy to overlook them, so glad I got this one though :)

    Hi Meeta,
    They are really impressive aren't they. I know what you mean, there isn't much talk/hype of the brand, I don't think it helps that they are only sold in one place here.

    Hi Lakshmi,
    Well thank you so much for thinking to recommend it, you were so right, what great taste you have :) x

    Hi lexi920,
    I do a lot of my ordering online, thats why blogs have become invaluable for me, not to say I haven't ended up with a few duds in my time though :)


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