Sunday, 18 July 2010

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow

Although these are called sheer eye shadows I found them pigmented. In my swatch I have done two strokes of each colour.
They come in a weighty compact with mirror and throw away sponge applicator. The compact has the signature Burberry check on the cover and the powder is embossed with the pattern as well. The texture of all the shadows is really smooth, and they don’t feel dry or overly powdery. Although I personally find them pigmented they are easy to build up if desired.

I feel slightly traumatised over the amount of photos I took to try and capture the exact colour of these (that's why you have two photos) but I have had to concede that my camera (and camera skills) are lacking, so you’ll have to believe me when I say they look better in real life!
Swatches L-R: Trench, Almond, Taupe Brown, Rosewood.
Trench #02 is a semi matte light beige, I thought I could use this as a base shadow but its slightly too deep to match my very pale skin so I use it as a lid shade.
Almond #06 is a warmed light brown that has a soft glow.
Taupe Brown #07 is a medium to dark matte grey taupe.
Rosewood #09 is a slightly shimmery soft taupe with a bit of a mauve/rose tone.

From what I have tried so far I think the packaging feels and looks like a high-end brand and the products perform as such. Whilst they do not necessarily exceed my other similar priced brands, the quality is definitely there and I will be buying more. In terms of the colours, they fit with what I would expect from Burberry (classic, natural tones). Overall I do like all 6 products but am more impressed with the eye shadows than the lipsticks.

The shadows cost £22 each and I bought them from Harrods who are currently the only UK stockist for Burberry Beauty.


  1. Thanks for the photos & swatches. I am really looking forward to trying this line!

  2. The best thing in this line is the chic!

  3. From the swatches I definitely think Rosewood is the one for me :) x

  4. I agree with Jane. Rosewood looks incredibly beautiful...and, oh how I long for autumn (in the sweltering 39 Celsius of Athens -and that's at 6pm...).
    Nina x

  5. Hi Makeup Magpie,

    Thanks, I have a feeling I may need to buy some more next month :)

    Hi resham,
    I do like the packaging, it seems that people are either really liking the range or really meh on it from what I can tell.

    Hi Jane,
    I knew that would be your one :) I can see a lot of people going for that shade actually x

    Hello Nina,
    Thats too hot! I've been complaining enough about all the humidity here in the last few days but I think you win with that temp, hope you are having a nice time x

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi Bobo,
    Can see this is deleted now but if you do happen to read this I didn't see them having BHT listed but will try and post the ingredients with my next Burberry post.


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