Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Shu Uemura Egerie Eye Shimmer Duo

I’m a bit late to the game here as this is part of the spring 2010 collection.
I bought the duo in Glint Blue (£29), which consists of a sparkling metallic brown/taupe liquid shadow, and a sparkling pastel blue loose powder.
The liquid shadow comes packaged in a squeezable tube; you get a lot of product here especially considering you only need a tiny amount each time. The powder shadows is packaged in a tube with a sponge applicator .
Swatch L-R:Liquid,powder and liquid with powder on top.
The liquid shadow dries amazingly fast and goes on smooth, the colour applies very even. I got no creasing and it didn’t budge or fade all day. I do however find it feels a bit drying, not so much to be uncomfortable but you can feel its there if you get what I mean.
In terms of the powder, I didn’t get fall out during the day but the colour is quite sheer so I feel it’s better used on top of the liquid rather than alone.
Picture below of liquid Shadow and a touch of powder dusted on top
I really like the colours and, slight dryness aside, I am really impressed by the texture and wear of the liquid shadow, however I do feel that the finish is just too shiny/metallic for me. Perhaps its because I’m the wrong side of 30 but I am finding that more shimmery/frosty, metallic shades don’t quite look right on me anymore, somewhat out of place and a bit harsh, shame really as I really like this, just not on me!

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  1. Liquid eyeshadow in a tube! That sounds intriguing. I'd love to try this - the colour is pretty and looks great on you, it doesn't look too young or immature!

  2. For what it's worth, I think this combo looks stunning on your eyes...
    Of course I understand that you must feel confident and comfortable in the mu you choose to wear, and that' subject to very personal considerations. Having said that, I still think it's gorgeous on you :-)
    Nina x

  3. What do you mean, wrong side of 30??? Don't you know 30 is the new 20?? This looks amazing, I wish I lived near you so you could work your magic on my eyes, you are always so skilled at applying eyeshadow! I was really tempted by this when I was trying to decide what to spend my Beauty Expert loyalty voucher something else instead, also by Shu...hell, I'm so behind in my reviews! xx

  4. Hi Cafe Bellini,
    Thanks,I think if you like shimmer they are well worth trying, there are also two other colour combos they have, one looked rather pastel though.

    Hello Nina,
    Thanks so much,still not too sure though, although I have been wearing near mattes a lot recently so maybe it was a bit too much of a contraste! On another note are you going to get any of the Guerlain fall stuff, my list keeps growing... x

    Hello Anna,
    New 20, sure don't feel like it, I'll probably have a flip out when I'm nearing 40!
    If we lived near each other we would have no money as it would all be spent on the pretty makeup. I am so unskilled at applying eyeshadow but I'll take your compliment anyhow, thanks ;) Loyalty voucher,augh, I want one! Yes, you must have lots of reviews to do, you still have that Becca palette I got, to do I think ? x

  5. This looks amazing on you! Such a beautiful layering on colours. Lovely x

  6. Thanks Jane, actually I can see this working really well on you, I think I'll have to try it a bit more after these nice comments x

  7. You should, it's really lovely. I know relatively little about Shu Uemura products. I think I need to investigate a bit more :) x


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