Friday, 16 July 2010

Burberry Teaser

Burberry beauty arrived in the UK this Monday at Harrods. I thought I'd post you a picture of everything I got, as I know when I placed my order early this week there wasn't many real life pictures around so it was difficult choosing what shades to get, although it seems like I have gone for the same shades as everyone else so this is probably not as helpful as I had first thought!
At any rate I'll be posting more pictures/swatches and reviews of the items this weekend.
(Please click to enlarge)
Sheer Eye Shadow L-R: Taupe Brown No.07, Rosewood No.09,Trench No.02, Almond No.06,
Lip Cover Cameo Pink No.03 (on left) Rosewood No.04


  1. Packaging looks nice (and heavy! not for travel?). Looking forward to seeing and reading more :-)

  2. You are on a roll lol...
    I so look forward to your review. It will undoubtedly make very jealous as I'll have to wait until September to get my hands on these lovely products. That's right, I'm going away tomorrow (back home to super-hot Athens) and won't be back until the end of August.
    Will keep in touch (neighbour's wireless signal permitting -naughty, I know, but I'm only home for a couple of months a year...) so keep them coming :-)))
    Nina x

  3. Promise me one day you'll take a photo of your entire taupe collection!!!! You know, just for fun....:)) It all looks pretty good, esp the cameo pink lippie...still have to see the collection in person, though, so I'll be eagerly waiting for your review! Have been at the sea for 3 weeks now, you won't believe it, but I had to go to the ER with my son again!!!! Aaaargh! Hopefully my hols will start for real soon, fingers crossed! xx

  4. Look forward to seeing your review..those lipsticks look especially lovely! I wish I lived in London..I miss out on all these things!:(

  5. Great haul. These looks very nice. I'm definitely looking forward to your swatches and review on them.

  6. It looks like you've picked a lovely selection. I just had a look at the swatches on the Harrods website and it really is like doing it blind, the real life colours only seem to bear a passing resemblance to the swatches. In particular I looked at Rosewood eyeshadow and I would not have anticipated it looking as pretty as it does in your picture from the swatch.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing more. Have a great time in Athens Nina!
    Jane x

  7. Hi Cafe Bellini,
    It is a bit heavy and quite big, so probably not the best for traveling :)

    Hi Nina,
    I hope you have a lovely time, that's quite a long time, you can have a nice makeup splurge when you get back as the fall collections will be out in force by then x

    Hi Anna,
    Oh No, is he OK now?? Your little one doesn't seem to fare too well.
    I probably should do a taupe photo, although I bet they would look scarily similar! x

    Hi Laura,
    I ordered my stuff online, I think if I lived in London I would be broke with all those lovely shops :)

    Hi Kristie,
    Thanks, I think if you like your neutrals your going to need some Burberry!

    Hello Jane,
    Yes, I was hoping they would put up single pictures of the stuff, we really need KarlaSugar to swatch the entire line :)
    I'm going to say that I think you may need both the rosewood shadow and lipstick x

  8. the cameo pink lip cover looks lovely


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