Sunday, 4 July 2010

Estee Lauder new Pure Color Eyeshadow by Tom Pecheux

I had all but decided to give up on Estee Lauder as its not a brand I’ve had much luck with, I went innocently into Boots to get my lunch and somehow ended up near the makeup counters, I noticed Lauder had a display out of new Pure Color Eye shadows created by the new creative director Tom Pecheux. On swatching I was immediately surprised and impressed by the buttery smoothness.
The colour palette is mostly neutral with a few more colourful shades (Greens, Berries); the shadows come in Matte, Satin, Shimmer and Metallic finishes, of these I would say the Metallic are not as smooth and I think work better as liners.
I bought 6 shadows, £15 each (I don’t do things by halves) my justification was that Boots currently have a 750 points offer on if you buy 3 premium brand products.
The shadows I bought are (pictured above, top row to bottom row L-R):
Tempting Mocha (cool toned shimmery taupe)
Enchanted Forest (neutral toned complex slightly silvered green)
Polished Platinum (shimmery silver grey)
Sepia Sand (gentle satin beige/brown)
Midnight Star (dark navy, although this is the metallic formula I’d say that the finish is more sparkle/glitter)
Sugar Biscuit (luminous champagne)
Swatches L-R:Sepia Sand,Tempting Mocha, Enchanted Forest,Polished Platinum,Sugar Biscuit, Midnight Star
Although Tempting Mocha and Enchanted Forest are my favourites, I really like all the shadows; they are extremely easy to build and the colours I bought work well together whichever ones I select.

This has definitely changed my mind about Estee Lauder and I’ll be interested to see what else they bring out under Tom Pecheux.


  1. I really like the look of Enchanted Forest and Polished Platinum. I shan't say anything of Tempting Mocha ;). There's been a few collections from EL that I've been interested in this year. I'm looking forward to Blue Dahlia too.

  2. EL are really lifting their game aren't they?! the swatches look really good :D

  3. Ok, STOP going into Boots for your lunch!!!! What's wrong with Pret-a-Manger, eh? Better yet, pack your lunch because, frankly, I don't trust you!
    Having said that, Enchanted Mocha looks like it's crying to come home with me...
    Have a great week girl!
    Nina x

  4. The Boots bonus points thing always gets me too. These do look nice, am quite tempted to have a look myself.

  5. wow! I love "Enchanted Forest", this kind of green color always looks nice on my eyes. ^-^

  6. Hi Jane,

    I'm interested in the Blue Dahlia collection as well, the quad has been on quite a few blogs and seems to have gone down well, typical really, think I'm safe from a brand and then this happens :)

    Hi Em,

    Hopefully this is the start of things to come, they are very easy to wear shades.

    Hi Nina,
    Pret-a-Manger, bit lavish for lunch, I have to get cheap sandwiches so I can afford all the pretty makeup!! (although I do get my coffee from Pret....) I don't trust myself, all reason leaves me when I go out on my own :) x

    Hi Grace,

    Yes, I keep telling myself the points was like getting an eyeshadow for free, just glad I like them all as I would have been really peed!

    Hello Beautyontheway,

    I do think Enchanted forest is one of the stand outs from the range, a lot of greens are really warm on me so its nice to find one that is neutral.


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