Friday, 23 July 2010

Laura Mercier Musings: Part 2

Upon opening the Secret Brightening Powder (£18) I was slightly sceptical about the white shimmer. Luckily it doesn’t seem to notice once applied. Used under the eyes, it goes on very smooth so doesn’t emphasis those pesky little lines, however for me it applies too light in colour and highlights the area which makes my circles stand out more. In terms of setting my under eye concealer this does not last on me, by mid day I can see it has worn off. I do however really like this product as an under the eyebrow brightening/highlight and on the outer corners of the eye, it gives a natural illuminating brightening effect.
Swatches:Powder on left, you can see its quite light, Tinted moisturiser on right dabbed on then blended in far right:
My final item was the tinted moisturiser (£32). As I bought this around the same time as my RBR one I just put in a drawer for a while and forgot about it. When I did finally get it out I had a sudden break out after using this, weary that this might be the cause I waited for my skin to heal and then tried again.
I did find that when I used it again it did seem to exacerbate 2 cystic spots which I have had for years (they just won’t die) but didn’t break me out in any new areas, so I really would try and get a sample first if you have acne.
Texture wise it doesn’t spread as well as my RBR and is less forgiving on my dry skin, Jane from describes it as “Icky” and in hot weather it does feel extremely “Icky” on the skin. I do find the coverage, albeit sheer, is buildable although I need to set it with powder to get it to last. Ultimately the best thing about it was the colour, as porcelain matched me well.
So all in all my dabbling in LM has been mostly misses, I will try the eye perfector again but overall it was quite a disappointing haul.


  1. I can sympathise...I know the tinted moisturiser is a "cult" product, but it's never worked for me either (and "icky" is a very good way to describe it lol).
    My all time favourite is Kiehl's tinted moisturiser with SPF15. Great coverage, lightweight, tenacious (it has very successfully withstood Athens summers -and that's no small feat, believe you me) and ACTUALLY moisturising. Its only drawback is the limited range of shades, only three. However, given the relatively low cost (around 17 GBP), I get both the light and medium and mix my own perfect shade.
    Have a great weekend from the 106F furnace that is my hometown :-)))
    Nina x

  2. Great blog! We love this blog


  3. Hi Nina,
    That kiehl’s one sounds good, I remember I bought some of the skincare years ago and didn’t get on with it too well and sort of forgot about the brand!
    Limited shade range is not good though, although there are a lot of tinted moisturisers that seem to do only a few shades, I guess the idea is that the sheerness should mean that a shade would suit more people but we know that’s rarely true.
    Enjoy the searing heat :p its still quite warm here and a bit humid, roll on autumn I say :) x

    Hello Karina, Katia,

    Thanks :) Off to have a look at your blog now.

  4. Oh dear, there were definitely more misses than hits with the LM haul. The powder is very light and I can see that would draw attention where one doesn't want it!

    He he! Yes, icky is right and above all that's what put me off the purchase. I'll be telling all about the Korres very soon. I even made sure to take a photo of the ingredients :). Have you tried the Hourglass in the new lightest shade? You could always ask Zu for a sample to give it a test run.
    Jane x

  5. Hello Jane,

    I look forward to your Korres review, thanks for taken a pic of the ingredients :)
    I haven't tried the hourglass one in the lighter shade, that sounds like a plan, although I'll double check the ingredients first x


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