Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Edward Bess Compact Rouge in Love Affair

Edward Bess has just launched in the UK, exclusively at, I think Zuneta is the perfect place for EB, they are steadily building up an impressive arsenal of exclusive, luxury, forward thinking brands.
I don’t own many cream blushers as I find they can be unforgiving if you don’t have clear skin and they usually contain problematic ingredients if you are acne prone. As I had read good reviews of the compact rouge I decided to buy the cream blush (£30) in shade Love Affair; this comes in a sleek mirrored compact and looks like the newer packaging.
The colour is described as a watermelon pink, its very pigmented and I only need to add a dab to get a natural fresh innocent pink flush.
Swatched once on the left and blended in on the right.
The texture is non greasy and blends with ease, its also extremely long wearing ( I put in on in the morning and after a day of running around after my two year old in humid weather it had remained the same by the time I went to take it off at eight in the evening). It also works well on the lips, giving a delicate pink stain.
Here are the ingredients:
Overall this is an easy to wear foolproof product. I won't pretend to you that I just bought one thing as you know me better than that, so you can expect more EB reviews in the coming weeks.


  1. You are quick!
    The blusher looks beautiful and I'm sure it must look lovely on your fair, delicate skin. Can't wait to read about your other purchases.

    Re Suqqu brush, it's around 120 GBP and it's currently out of stock as I was told yesterday when I hauled some base products (the cream foundation, the powder one and the makeup base - all amazing as I already knew, having used generous amounts of samples). After this frenzy, I think I'm going to hold off E. Bess for the time being and wait for autumn lol
    Nina x

  2. Hi Nina,
    I think I ordered my EB mid day and got it the following morning, how's that for service!
    I think I screamed inside a little when I read the price of the Suqqu brush, I did try a sample of their foundation once, I liked it but it was very dark not sure they make a light enough for me, although aren't they changing the entire base range, or is it the newer stuff you have brought ? x

  3. The cream blushes are beautiful. I had a hard time deciding which of the three to get as they are all such nice colours. The texture is gorgeous isn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing all of purchases :)
    Jane x

  4. Are you sure you tried their no10? It looked pretty light to me, but then again you are very fair...

    They are indeed changing everything (base range and colour range) just as Grace wrote a few days ago and I decided to purchase the foundations while I still had a chance as I had loved the samples I'd been given.
    Frankly, I have difficulty seeing how they can improve on the existing range, so I'll be excited to try anything new. The (very lovely) sales assistant didn't know when they would be getting the new collection, but I'm sure I'll find out well ahead of time.
    Nina x

  5. Hi Jane,
    Its probably a hard range to go that wrong with, hopefully it will do well over here x

    Hi Nina,
    It might well have been the second lightest shade, but it was really dark on me.
    It will be interesting to see how the new base range compares, shame they didn't give you the stuff for cheaper really since its being discontinued, I'm ever hopeful aren't I


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