Friday, 9 July 2010

Guerlain Meteorites Collection Perles Summer 2010: Kiss Kiss Baby

The last part of my Guerlain Summer purchase was the Kiss Kiss Baby in Cherry Summer (£20) there was one other shade, Coral Sunset which was a very sheer peachy Coral.
As the Kiss Kiss babies are more like balms rather than lipsticks don’t expect a lot of colour. Cherry Summer gives me a sheer glossy baby pink. It feels quite moisturising on and makes your lips feel soft, it also contains an SPF10. Whist very pretty, I don’t think it’s a particularly unique colour or formula.
I also picked up one of the repromotes with the collection,Kiss Kiss lipstick in 557 flushy beige (£20). I don't see any beige in this but I do get a soft berry red with golden shimmer.
Overall I did buy a lot of the summer Perles collection and out of everything the eye shadows are the stand outs for me.
I'm already looking forward to the fall collection, see great swatches by Karla Sugar here, I'm really hoping these palettes aren't limited edition as I want 4 of them and at around £51 each that might be a bit tricky!


  1. I think they are beautiful!

  2. The gold shimmer in the lipstick looks very nice...I have to say though, with all these early A/W releases, I have barely had time to shop the summer stuff and I'm ready to move on to the new collections lol
    Have a brilliant weekend!
    Nina x

  3. The lipsticks do look very nice. My Mum picked up some Guerlain lipsticks in a sale just before she left Muscat. I'm not sure which though as I wasn't able to get my hands on them as they're still packed up for transport, boo hoo. I was looking at the Karlasugar swatches last night and I *might* be able to settle on just one. They do look as nice as I'd hoped!
    Jane x

  4. Hi Catanya,
    I don't think you could go that wrong with them, actually the whole spring collection is quite wearable really. Thanks for stopping by :)

    Hello Nina,
    I don't tend to bother with summer collections, so I'm not doing too well. It does seem wrong when the fall collections are coming out in July in the US, although saying that I think quite a lot are launching here early August, I'm hoping to see lots of bad reviews as at the moment my fall want list is ridiculous! x

    Hello Jane,
    Which one of the palettes picks your fancy? Although you get quite a lot of colours I do wonder if they have priced them a tad too high. I don’t seem capable of narrowing down my makeup wants, somewhat unfortunate considering I seem to be getting into more of the expensive brands. x


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