Sunday, 11 July 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Powder and Liner Brush

Brushes don’t often excite me, however the more RBR ones I get the more urgency I feel to have the entire range. Ultimately these are different from all the other brushes I have or have owned, whether it is a different shape head or the actual feel of the brush the difference is there.
After buying the blush brush I bought the powder and liner brush.
Picture below of the Powder and Blusher brush for size comparison
The powder brush 001 (£44) is the largest brush RBR do, its made of natural goat hair. Like the blusher brush it feels very soft, lightweight and delicate. I was surprised by just how flat this was compared to the usual full rounded shape typical of powder brushes.
Picture of side on view
I find the RBR one much more versatile, I can use the tip to apply powder to a more specific area, use it side ways for bronzer and highlighter and use it full on for powder. Where I truly notice a difference in performance was when I went to powder over a break out.
If you have dry skin and acne you will know the woes of trying to conceal it, you need it to last all day so powder is a must over the concealer, however putting powder over flaky inflamed skin is never a good thing. I don’t know how but this brush allows me to lay powder down so that it’s fine enough to cover but not to highlight the dry area, almost an invisible finish.
The eye liner brush 008 (£22) is not a shape I am use to, I either have slanted ones or the very thin long ones.
This is describes as a “conical” shape, although firm it feels very comfortable. Where I find this excels is with cake or gel eyeliners, it applies them a lot more cleanly compared to my other brushes and is great for getting into the little corners if you are tight lining. The brush head is nylon.
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  1. Thank you for your post on these! I've got some brushes myself but not the ones that you've just reviewed. I'm the same, i want them all, they are so great quality! First I was concerned because my brushes lost a lot of 'hair' but those must've been excess ones. I'm washing mine with mild shampoo regularly and they just stay in shape, love'em :) xxx

  2. The liner one is such an interesting shape! These are terrifyingly expensive though :P

  3. The liner brush has got me excited. Having small, hooded eyes, lining is always tricky for me. I think I may have to try it, as I find flat brushes rather difficult to use.
    I am currently using an E. Arden one (yeah, odd choice, I know) that is similarly shaped and seems to do the trick, but the quality is far from the best...
    Oh, and I'm trying to save for the Suqqu powder brush (and you know that purchase is going to hurt lol)
    Have a great week!

  4. Hi Sam,
    I just bought the eyeshadow one as well, which ones do you have ? I'm glad you got the eyeshadows to work better for you :)

    Hello Lillian,
    Yes, I try not to think about the price, I do notice the difference in quality though.

    Hello Nina,
    Let me know if you get it, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. I've never owned anything E.Arden, just doesn't appeal. How much is the Suqqu brush,dare I ask.... x

    Hi Get Gawjus,
    I'm sure the price puts a lot of people off, that said Zuneta have done the occasional 20% off promo so that would be a good time to get them :)

  5. Hi,
    yes, the e/s work for me now, I'm so glad!! I've got the Face Contour 012 (love it!!), the Large Shader 003 (my fav e/s brush), the Crease 011 (could be a bit softer in my opinion), and the Eye Liner 008 (which I don't use often - I should've got a slightly thicker one for my purpose...) They are all very reliable and look their best even after I washed them for so many times! Want 'em all :)

  6. Hi Sam,
    I really want the contour one too, although I don't actually contour my face but I really like the look of it! wonder if it could be used for highlighter/blush instead maybe ?


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