Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur, Monte Carlo and Sublime de Chanel mascara

Showing my usual formidable makeup resolve, I had to pick up some more Coco shines. I opted for brighter shades this time.

Bonheur is a berry with a hint of fuchsia and Monte-Carlo is a strawberry with a bit of warmth.
The first two Coco Shines I bought had a shine finish, however with these shades there is a bit of shimmer, more notably with Bonheur which contains visible micro glitter, for which there is a bit of silver sparkle left on the lips after the colour wears off. It is very subtle but I thought it worth mentioning.

These are easily my favourite Chanel lipstick formula, they feel comfortable, lightweight and quite hydrating.
I thought I’d give you my thoughts on their new mascara as I got a sample of it with my first purchase. The mascara is meant to give you Sublime length and curl and I have seen some really good reviews of it.
However for me I found it gave some length and thickness, not much curl, and was prone to clumping and looking a bit dry. I think this is one to try and get a sample of first before laying down the money.
The lipsticks cost me £22.50 each, which is nearly the same as the newly relaunched Dior Rouge Addict (£22 each) which I'll be showing you soon.


  1. If I read one more Chanel Coco Shine review I just know I am going to cave! I am really into opaque lipstick at the moment (repeating as a mantra twice daily!) These both look beautiful!

  2. These look nice! I had another look at the Rouge Coco Shines today and of course, I was immediately drawn to the pinks, Chance and Aventure, I think. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the new Dior Addicts, would love to know which formula you prefer. x Klara

  3. I do think that these look and sound amazing, and I am tempted, but I am slightly concerned that as with any lipstick/gloss/balm addict, I will wear constantly for a week and then it will lounge unloved in the bottom of the makeup stash rather like Andy's toys (I was half watching Toy Story 3 yesterday, hence the analogy) as usual Replica your beautiful photos and thoughtful words work their magic. Thankyou. Jan x

  4. Pretty, but they look a bit too shimmery/glitter!

  5. I had a good test of these last week, I really like the formula and am quite impressed at how moisturising they feel considering the light texture. I wanted to get Bonheur and Biaritz but they didn't have them in stock so I got Romance and Boy which I also love.

  6. I also couldn't resist the lure of the Chanel Counter and ended up getting more Coco Shines, including Monte Carlo. Glad you got Bonheur, is definitely my favourite and the one I turn to most. Having seen more and more posts on the new Dior lipsticks, I'll be interested to see which you prefer. Thanks for the heads up on the mascara as well x

  7. They look so nice and natural. Did you blend the swatches? It's good to know that they're hydrating as well - sometimes I find lipstick of that consistency dry my lips out. If only we had a counter here!

  8. I love Bonheur as well - I am planning to pick that one up next pay period. I picked up Rebelle and Sari d'Eau - actually, getting ready to write about it. I do love this formula. It is pretty hydrating right off the bat but I am praying I wake up without dry and itchy lips.

    We'll see!

  9. Now I'm kicking myself for not ordering Bonheur, as it looks gorgeous! I just may have to stop by the Chanel counter this weekend and fix that! Thanks for the lemming, err review.

  10. My husband is going in to Oxford and asked me if I need anything. My first thought was one of these (I want to use my Debs points for the YSL quad) but I've no idea which on to go for! Bonheur looks nice, I'd really like to pick one that gives a hint of colour. Of course now you've got me wondering about the Dior too ;)
    Jane x

  11. Hi Debbie,
    Its only a matter of time before you give in ;)

    Hi Klara,
    I somehow ended up buying 3 of the Dior ones so will try and get that post up for you soon x

    Hi Jan,
    LOL at Andy's toys, alas I think I have a drawer full of makeup neglect :)
    I do think you would like these it has to be said x

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    There are a lot of shades that don't look shimmery/glittery, not trying to encourage you or anything ;)

    Hi Meeta,
    The store near me sold out of Boy, so it must be a popular one, I'll have to have a look at romance, I kept forgetting what the names where.

    Hi Lipstick Luvvie,
    And yet I still want more ;) I like that their size is quite compact as I am running out of storage space for my makeup!

    Hi Annie,
    I didn't blend them, its just 2/3 swipes of the colour, I always try and do my lip swatches the same each time. They are really nice :)

    Hi lexi920,
    There are so many lovely shades, Chanel can be a bit hit and miss for me so its nice to find something that I really like :)

    Hi Jenn,
    LOL, but will you be able to just pick up one shade.. ;)

    Hi Jane,
    I think they would all suit you really, can he not just buy you the whole collection, just think you could have a drawer of Chanel ;P
    Of the shades I have I think Évasion might be too sheer for your liking.I do think you would like Bonheur. Going from memory I think shades Elise and Boy would be good ones for you as well x

  12. Late to read this post.... OMG! These are STUNNING!!! I cannot wait to grab some for myself! I love how they appear so glossy w/o looking goopy! Once again I know this post is going to cost me....xoxo jeanie

  13. Hi Jeanie,
    I can see you would like these, I do think I could have them all really, I was trying to think to myself last night how long lipsticks keep for as I can really see myself getting a lot more of these x

  14. Hey!! I love your picks, I must admit I went a *leeetle* bit crazy with the RC shines!! :)
    I got Deauville, Monte Carlo, Bel-Ami, Romance and Liberte!! Hehhehe will be shining for some time to come! But I adore this formula and texture of these lipsticks. In particuar Liberte looks amazing with the Pensee glossimer from the summer collection (coral/pink) Enjoy your goodies!
    PS: I think you'll really like Deauville: very pretty plummy/brown
    Take care xx

  15. Hi Lakshmi,
    Five lipsticks, I'm impressed, we are both so very controlled when it comes to makeup... ;)
    I'll have to have a closer look at Deauville, thanks for the rec, I still have the idea in my head to aquire all the shades!
    Pensee was the gloss I liked the sound of so its good to know you like it, do you have any other thoughts on their Summer collection? its not out here till mid May I think but I'd like to have a plan of what I am going to buy and trust your opinion x

  16. Hahaha! I have shown *stellar* self control in the past few weeks-- really!!! :P
    As for the summer collection, I had a brief look at it but am still waiting for some products in the mail, my initial thoughts are that the Morning Rose nailpolish, Rose bronzer are must haves. The glosses are kind of sheer but pretty nonetheless. The Pensee is probably the most-pigmented and my favorite and the only item I've actually used in the past 2-3 days.
    As of now (!) the qaud doesn't appeal to me partly because of the lime green shade, but you might want to check it out. Will keep you posted once I get my stuff!!

  17. Hey it's me again! Just wanted to tell you about another item I've been loving recently: the Hourglass Aura lipstain in petal-- it is a gorgeous peachy/pink/gold and for a lipstain not drying and very long lasting. Because it also contains some shimmer, I just top it off with some gloss for a long lasting peachy/coral lip. I know you like Hourglass products so thought I'd let you know. I've been hearing great things about the aura Cheek stain as well and you know how well I resist temptation to blushes! ;)

  18. Hi Lakshmi,
    Do you think the bronzer would be too dark for my pale self?
    I went by their counter today and they had a mini collection out, had a blue eyeshadow quad, the new mascara and two new singles, Twilight and Fauve I think, I'll have to have a better look at it as didn't know it was coming out.
    I too have heard really good things about the Hourglass cheek one but it contains Salt with is a no go for me, however I will kindly take your Aura lipstain in petal rec and add that to my list as that description sounds lovely..see the money you make me spend... ;)


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