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Cochine is a luxury collection of 4 scents available via candles, hand/body lotions, hand wash's and reed diffusers.
All the products are made in Vietnam and the scents are meant to be reflective of Saigon’s culture. I don’t recall ever having come across a brand that has been made and centred around Vietnam. is creating a strong brand portfolio of luxury, high quality and exciting brands. I feel confident in new brands that Zu brings to us which she believes in.
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The products look sleek and elegant. There is a sense of ambiance and clarity about the range.

The brand has a good ethical/sustainability stance. The candles are made using a botanical palm oil wax using renewable resources and they use lead-free cotton wicks. The hand wash and lotion bottles are made out of PET recyclable plastic and the outer packaging is made from over 90% recycled card. They also support sustainable farming projects (such as the Agarwood Project founded by The Rainforest Project in southern Vietnam).

I bought the hand and body lotion in Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom (£19 for 300ml)
Its a light clean floral scent with subtle woody notes. I think it would be the perfect scent as a present as I couldn’t see anyone disliking this.
The lotion is lightweight, sinks in quickly leaving no residue or stickiness. It contains natural extracts of sweet almond oil, orange oil and aloe vera. It moisturises very well and makes the skin looks smooth, even more impressive is it causes my intolerant skin no problems at all.
This is definitely a brand I will explore more, I’m leaning towards trying something in the Agarwood & Amber scent next as that's described as a "warm and all encompassing fragrance combines the deeply sensuous aroma of Agarwood with the rich warmth of White Amber, Tuberose and Patchouli".

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  1. Wow, so pretty!

    Haven't heard much about this brand.

  2. This sounds very nice and it's great news that the formula isn't problematic. You know how I like a good handcream! I'm keen to try one of the Cochine candles or diffusers. I hadn't realised everything was sustainably produced which is good to know. I totally agree with your comment about Zuneta, Zu has a great nose for picking out interesting brands. It makes me feel comfortable about ordering things unseen as I feel everything has been vetted for me if you know what I mean?

    Well done on the bunny ;)
    Jane x

  3. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I think its a new one,I am really impressed so far so am hoping they will expand their range, shower gels would be nice :)

    Hi Jane,
    Thats a great way to put it when you say it feels like everything has been vetted, Zu seems so enthused about the brands they stock, always a pleasure to buy from the site.
    I think you would find this quite a handy cream to have, it really feels nice on. I have to say I have started eyeing up the candles and diffusers as well ;) x

  4. I love the visuals for the brand, so elegant. Thanks for your review Replica, it's good to know that the quality of the product matches the expectations created :)
    Nina x

  5. Hi Nina,
    Its one of those brands that would make a nice gift. I'm trying to convince my husband that we should buy the diffuser between us as a household item, rather than as one of my cosmetic splurges ;) x


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