Friday, 22 April 2011

A Scent by Issey Miyake

A Scent is described as a “green and feminine fragrance, drawing inspiration from nature's essentials: leaves, flowers, wood”.

It comes in a chunky glass bottle, the design is simple, pure and modern.
It contains notes of verbena, hyacinth, jasmine and galbanum. On initial application I found this quite sharp, my husband has used quite a few Issey Miyake scents and says you always need to let them dry down for about 20 minutes before you get the true scent. I waited the 20 minutes and it settled down into a fresh, crisp,very grassy scent with floral and woody hints.
I think this is a clean, lightweight fragrance suited well for the spring/summer months however its just not me. For reference my favourite fragrances are Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cacao, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche and Jimmy Choo.

This fragrance is currently on offer at, with over 45% off the RRP of the 30, 50 and 100ml sizes

Disclaimer: This was sent to me for free for review purposes.


  1. I love the bottle!

    The scent sounds lovely

  2. I could not get on with this either as after the initial sharp smell (which lasted longer than I would have expected) it fades to almost nothing. Because the dry down took so long I wouldn't have wanted to keep refreshing either. I'm sure this would smell great if you have the right body chemistry but I don't think this is a suits everyone kind of perfume.
    Jane x

  3. I have never heard of a scent "drying down" before. Very interesting!

  4. Like Vintage Makeup above, I love the bottle. However, I'm not really into fresh scents. I much prefer something a little bit headier -my Mediterranean heritage no doubt lol.
    Have a lovely Easter with your beautiful family my dear!
    Nina x

  5. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I really like the design of it as well, seems to stand out from the normal ones.

    Hi Jane,
    I know what you mean, I have been spraying myself with it this Easter break but its not a perfume I'd wear to work x

    Hi AKB,
    I've learnt not to base my thoughts on the initial spray as the perfume seems to always change after a while :)

    Hi Nina,
    Yes, I think the scents I go for are a bit more full on. I hope you are having a lovely Easter break too x

  6. This sounds like one I may investigate as I like scents that are on the fresh side- Have you ever tried the Philosophy scents (AG and PG) I enjoy those and don't get a migraine from them. I wonder how this would compare? Thanks for the HONEST review! Happy Easter! x jeanie

  7. Hm, I keep reading reviews of this scent and am a bit intrigued. Might give it a 'sniff' next time I'm in Debenhams Or HOF or wherever :-)

    I'm a scentaholic, so always interested in EVERY new fragrance


  8. Hi Jeanie,
    I have had both of those Philosophy ones and would say this one is very different, its a lot more green,grassy if that makes sense, one to try before buying I think x

    Hello Miss A,
    LOL at scentaholic ;) It is worth a sniff, I'd say its grown on me but still isn't my typical type of scent :)


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