Sunday, 10 April 2011

New Dior Addict Lipsticks

The recently released newest formula of Dior Addict Lipstick come in 44 shades. I felt somewhat overwhelmed with the choice, so went for the more natural, sedate shades.
The lipsticks have a high shine, glossy finish, they feel hydrating and the texture is soft, it feels quite balm like. The colours give good coverage and are mainly semi-sheer.

Rose Deshabille is a sheer, very cool toned pink
Blush is a perky pink/rose with a hint of warmth.
Miss Dior is a sheer peach
Createur is a natural soft rose.
Picture below Blush on Top, Createur below.
Picture L-R:Blush, Createur,Rose Deshabille
Pictures below: Miss Dior and Rose Deshabille.
They cost me £22 each.

Swatches below (I swiped them all 3 times) L-R:Rose Deshabille,Miss Dior, Createur, Blush.
As these have been released around the same time as the new Chanel Coco shines I’d thought I do a quick compare. For me the Dior Addicts’s are more pigmented, have a shinier finish, feel more balm like (the Chanel has more slip) and less scent. As such I do think the formulas are very different and I really like both of them.


  1. I have been dithering between the Dior and the Chanel, so this is really helpful. It sounds like the Dior would be a better match for me.

    How do these compare to Chantecaille Lip Chics?

  2. These are all gorgeous, I like Createur in particular. I tested a few shades yesterday and was very tempted but like you say there is so much choice and as I got some Chanel first the Dior can wait a bit.

  3. I really like the look of Createur and Miss Dior. Like Meeta above I thought I'd go for Chanel first, but these will be coming up very soon...Thank you for the swatches and the thoughts!
    I'll keep you posted on the Premier Cru; so far I'm really happy with the way it performs on the puffiness(which is really very prominent in my under-eye area, especially after many late nights).
    As for the Diorskin Nude concealer, I really like the fact that it is creamy, non-drying, blends and lasts very well (13 hours the other day) without settling into my (many) fine lines or looking cakey. Note that I don't have dark circles, but I do have pronounced purple discolouration where my lid meets the base of nose, and it concealed that very-very effectively. Also it evened out my puffiness nicely, whilst generally brightening up the entire area. I am very happy with it indeed.
    I suggest you try it at the counter. The SA applied it with the Dior foundation brush, which I promptly proceeded to purchase (as you do, no?)...
    Have a great week hon :-)
    Nina x

  4. I agree with Meeta, I think Createur looks particularly lovely. I failed in my mission to get one today. Shopping in Aylesbury is always a let down! I do think I will enjoy them very much from you description. I'm so tempted to place an online order.

    Grace, I can't answer for the Dior yet but in terms of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, I don't think I could really compare it to a Lip Chic at all. It doesn't feel as lush and moisturising on the lips and I think the Lip Chics far outlast the Chanel. They're nice but no Chantecaille.

    Jane x

  5. Thank you so much for the photos and comparison! I'll probably try the Dior Addicts first - your description makes me think I'd like them more. I do wish that they'd put an SPF in these lipsticks, though. x Klara

  6. These are lovely, so many lipsticks so little time. I succumbed to trying the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in the ubiquitous "Boy" and I loved it so much, the sheen, the feel, the shade...but seeing as I had just spent hugely on Laura Mercier I felt I had to restrain myself somewhat. Thanks so much for this. Jan x

  7. Thanks for the swatches. Blush is a lovely shade. I find these more pigmented compared to Chanel's Coco Shines but then again, those were meant to be sheer :)

  8. Hey MB. Right, will strike the Chanel off the list. I might just end up getting another Lip Chic :)

  9. Hi Grace,
    I do think you would prefer the Dior over Chanel. Going by memory, as I have used up my Lip Chics, the Chantecaille had a bit more slip and felt more cushiony than Dior. That said the Dior are £5 cheaper and I think you would find quite a lot of "you" shades in their range :)

    Hi Meeta,
    I think Createur is a very safe bet. I think I tend to forget not everything is limited edition and go on a panic buy when things first come out! ;)

    Hi Nina,
    I need any help I cna get with puffiness so that sounds very promising.
    The Diorskin Nude concealer sounds wonderful, I'll make sure to check that out soon, I like that you just had to get the foundation brush as well, thats the sort of thing I would do, we are very restrained I think ;) x

    Hi Jane,
    I would think Boots/Debenhams would have some sort of offer on over the Easter, so might be a good time to pick up some of the Dior then? I'm trying to give you justification ;)

    Hi Klara,
    I know what you mean, SPF doesn't seem to be that common in lip products and if it is there it always seems to be SPF 10. I tend to put my sunscreen over my lip area anyhow, not very tasty but they you go :)

    Hi Jan,
    So you now make me want Boy even more :)I do seem to have bought a load of lipsticks lately! Of course I want to know about your big LM haul now x

    Hello Vintage Makeup,
    As its quite sheer its really nice layered over other lipsticks as well :)

    Hi Kristie,
    Blush is really nice for a pop of colour. I'm interested to try one of the deeper shades as well as I find darker shades often drying so am hopeful that would not be the case with this formula :)

  10. Hey Replica! Got two of these lipsticks too but the only downside is that here in the US, the number of colors released are a bit mind-boggling!!! :) I ended up with two Sephora exclusive colors called Model and Backstage, the first is a peachy pink with slight gold shimmer and the second a plummy blue-based purple. I'm quite happy with these, my first Dior lip products actually...

  11. Hi Lakshmi,
    You know I am sure I saw a shade called Backstage here, I will have to check now as that would be strange if we had some of the limited edition shades you have, in the regular lineup here as would mean some of the ones you have in the regular line up over there we wouldn't have here..does that make sense?!
    I love the sound of Model, so I'll double check we don't have that one as well! x


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