Wednesday, 13 April 2011

YSL Dessin Du Regard Waterproof - Long Wear Eye Pencil & Pure Chromatic Palette Eye Looks

YSL released the new waterproof eyeliners, Dessin Du Regard Waterproof, at the same time as the Pure Chromatic palettes. I was very taken with the deep green #6 Amazon Green, however sadly not in stock, I settled on #6 shimmery burgundy (£18).
The smoky plum is rich in colour and has a slight shimmered/metallic finish.
The texture is very soft, I can use it as an all over base with absolutely no tugging whatsoever, the upshot of this softness is I have had the tip break off a few times when sharpening so I can see myself getting through this quite quickly.
The pigmentation is excellent and it wears all day, with no fading. The only thing I would say is that because of the softness I am unable to get a fine line with this.

I thought I’d show you another eye look using my Chromatic palette in shade #3. This is a lot more natural compared to the blue look I did, I used all colours dry apart from the liner.
Lastly, I used the two blues wet (I'm also wearing the #6 shimmery burgundy as a liner) to see what colour intensity I could get.
This look is too intense for me to wear out personally and I really needed to buff the edges more but I think it shows the versatility of this palette.

I bought all these from John Lewis.


  1. Beautiful looks - I really like the 1st one, the depth of colour is lovely. To get a more precise line I have tried using a fine eyeliner brush and taking some colour from the tip and it sort of does work although I don't get quite the same level of intensity I would from applying the pencil directly. Even though it's not the green you wanted this colour is also lovely.

  2. The aubergine looks lovely. I picked the green a few ago as it is so vivd, really beautiful. I'll try and post about it soon. Having seen this I think I might go back for another shade. I have quite a few MAC and Smashbox liners that look bright but don't translate when on the eye. I'm really impressed with YSL's latest eye products. How do you find the liners compared to RBR Kohl ones? x

  3. I love the looks you did, I own nothing from YSL haha Looks great though. :)

  4. These are stunning looks! Why on earth did I ever pass on the plum eyeliner????? Both looks are really beautiful on you and I love how adventurous you are with different combinations, as I think a stronger eye really suits you.
    Nina x

  5. Hi Meeta,
    Thank you! I'll have to try using a brush like you suggest. I do think I will have to go back for the green though ;)

    Hi Lipstick Luvvie,
    I'll look forward to your post :) I'm impressed with this launch as well, I was wondering about trying some of their single shadows as they are meant to be a lot better than their old style ones.
    In terms of RBR, I'd say the YSL was softer, more pigmented but the RBR give a finer line and I think overall their colours are more striking x

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Thank you, I like that you can go from subtle to full on with this plaette :)

    Hello Nina,
    Thank you very much. My husband did give me a few funny looks when I was sporting the more intense blue eye :)
    Did you see that new mini Chanel collection that is out, with the blue quad and two new singles?? x

  6. No, actually I didn't. Boots did not seem to have it when I went in last week, but I intend to do a repeat visit (at Selfridge's this time), as I am far from finished... ;-)
    In other news, today I tried RBR Atlas Swallowtail topped with the taupe from Le Cirque Kaleidoscope (second from top) and Guerlain Oriental Metal khol powder, the whole thing topped with a wash of RBR Delicata blush (yes, I know, weird BUT it works beautifully as a shadow) and was delighted with the result. A bit of E Bess bronzer (the light one), a bit of Delicata and RBR Murmurings sheer!
    Nina x

  7. Hi Nina,
    Well I went and got the two single shadows from that Chanel collection today, I've not tried them yet but will try and do a post soon.
    That look sounds gorgeous, I really like the idea of using RBR Delicata as a shadow, I'd not thought of that but will try it out.
    I'll look forward to hearing if you buy anymore lovelies ;) x

  8. That pencil looks and sounds lovely, I think that first look is gorgeous too. The intensity of the blues wet is amazing. Have you tried any of the other colours wet?

    Nina, your look sounds really good. With the exception of the Atlas Swallowtail, I have all of those eye products so I will have to give it a try!
    Jane x

  9. Gorgeous, just really over the top beautiful! I love blues like that but sometimes have a harder time pulling them off as I get older!

    I love the look of that pencil too- such a unique shade. I'm thinking of getting the new Chanel Summer one that is along those lines but I think lighter in tone- perhaps a slight bit more icy metallic. Again lovely, lovely, lovely post thanks so much xx jeanie

  10. Hi Jane,
    I have used them all wet, and you can get quite full on pigment. Its a fun quad to play around with really, although I still struggle with the pale blue so will ignore that now for a bit :)
    It will be funny if we are both sporting the "Nina" eye look next week, although mine will have to be minus the Guerlain, I did have it but have not been able to find it for ages! x

    Hello Jeanie,
    Thank you, thats so kind. I have a very hard time with lighter blues, I think they can look too harsh on me really.
    I have a feeling I will end up buying quite a lot of Chanel Summer when it comes out here, I did like the look of the liner from what I have seen online, but wonder if it would be too icy/frosty? x


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