Sunday 28 June 2015

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick

When I first heard of the new Les Beiges collection I immediately thought I'd end up buying the light shade of the Healthy Glow Multi-Colour powder,  however once I swatched it in store I found it looked too pink to be used all over but not pigmented enough to be used as a blush, so instead I left with one of the Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Sticks.

The stick is a nice portable size, good for chucking in your handbag and travelling. It comes in three shades, I bought #22 (£32) which is a coral with a hint of golden shimmer, though it does not look shimmery on the skin.
Swatched below then blended out,

The shade swatches very pigmented but sheers out easily so that you can still see your skin through it.  It has a Somewhat dry texture yet It blends easily on the skin and feels quite light on. What I like is that it does not have a greasy nor tacky feel.
The sheer colour sticks are meant to be replacing the Blush Creme de Chanel, I like both formulas, though find the stick blends easier on the skin.


Though I am not keen on the heavy fragrance, I do like this as its easy to apply, lasts a long time and this particular shade creates a pretty coral healthy flush.

I bought this from Boots.

Sunday 21 June 2015

Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Collection: Face & Body Bronzing Duo - Bermuda & Antigua

The recent Sandy Nude Collection featured four Face & Body Bronzing Duos. Two of them verge more towards highlighter/blushes rather than bronzers, Ibiza & Tahiti and the one I bought, Bermuda & Antigua (£34).

Now this is a large product, in the mirrored compact you get 0.74 oz/21g of product and the size is similar to my Tom Ford bronzer as shown below (full sized, not the smaller version released).

Bermuda is a baby pink and Antigua is a bronzey pink. There is some sparkle in Bermuda, I initially thought it might just be the top layer but after multiply uses its still there. Though I would prefer no sparkle, its only noticeable if I look at my face close up.

The shades feel quite smooth, albeit on the dry side. Both shades have good pigment and layer well with one another. The application is not as faultless as my Suqqu or By Terry blushers so I do have to work the product in well otherwise it can look patchy.  As for wear time I get fading after around 5 hours so I don't consider this to last above average.
Swatched below with the colours combined on the right,

Although I bought this as soon as it was released I've been waiting to review it as when I looked at the ingredients I was irked that it contains many things that I would normally avoid for my sensitive, acne prone skin (the pit fall of buying online with brands that don't list their ingredients). Though this has not caused me breakouts it does make my skin feel a bit itchy, so worth bearing in mind for those with sensitive skin.


Overall whilst I'm not enamoured with this, I am enjoying the finished look, I like that you can custom blend the colour to your preference and I find the shades provide an illuminating somewhat sun kissed healthy pink.

I bought this from .

Sunday 14 June 2015

Lancome Belle de Teint Healthy Glow Powder & Shine Lover lipstick

Lancôme has brought out a natural healthy glow look powder. The powder is meant to create a blurring effect, giving the skin a softer look and recreating the glow of healthy looking skin, providing "a radiance boosting effect for a tanned and matte make-up result". The concept is very similar to Chanel Les Beiges.
In terms of shade selection 01-03 are aimed at fairer skins and 04-08 for medium to darker skin. Along the lines of Les Beiges I assume that if you want a more tanned effect then you go a shade or two up from that which matches your skin.

I bought the lightest shade 01 Belle de Rose (£35) which is a matte peachy cream, I've read a few posts saying this shade can be used as a bronzer but as it's incapable of giving the skin a tanned look I think this particular shade should be viewed more along the lines of a setting powder.
The powder has a smooth lightweight texture but is not as smooth as Les Beiges, nor is it as forgiving on dry skin. I find this a bit powdery and heavy in feel, however it's definitely longer lasting than Les Beiges and works better at preventing shine breakthrough. On my pale skin Belle de Rose gives a subtle brightening effect.
Swatched below on the left with Chanel Les Beiges No.10 on the right.


Moving onto the new Shine Lover lipsticks, I bought shade #334 Insta-Rose (£21). The cool toned pink packs more pigment than I was expecting and has a lovely vibrancy.

It has a smooth, slightly balm like texture but without any heaviness. Its not got too much slip and though it feels quite hydrating I find it makes the area feel slightly tight during wear.
I really like the finish of this, its very glossy and luminous, albeit not long lasting, though this particular shade does leave behind a stain.
Swatched below once then three times,


To sum up I think the powder performs well as a setting powder to make makeup last and keep shine at bay, and though there is a slight brightening effect its very subtle. As for the lipstick, though I do like the texture and finish, the tightness during wear prevents me from buying any more of these.

I bought these from
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