Sunday 30 June 2013

Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Bubble Gum

Glosses have come a long way in the last few years, there are now many options for those of us who want shine without the stickiness/tackiness and the new Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine's are a great example of this.

Of the 20 shades I picked 465 Bubble Gum (£22) which is a medium pink with golden shimmer. The finish looks very plush and has a nice glossy shine.

It has a sponge slanted applicator which applies the product well. The texture is lightweight and has a gel feel about it. Its not that long wearing, though I find very few glosses are.

For me this ticks all the boxes and I'll be sure to buy more, though I would advise swatching in store or checking out blog posts beforehand as some of the shades are extremely sheer.

Unfortunately I just couldn't get a readable photo of the ingredients but this does contain fragrance.

I bought this from John Lewis

Saturday 29 June 2013

Google reader not more

So as of 1st July we no longer have Google reader. If you want to stay updated with me and my blog you can do so via bloglovin, these links allow you to import your reading list feeds, here and here

 I have also joined Google + and will share all my new posts on there. Speaking of which I didn't read up on it so starting merrily deleting photos from my albums as I was bemused as to why there were all on there. I clearly missed the connection that it was linked to my blogger photos and have unwittingly deleted a few on my blog. So if you happen to come across any of my past posts with a black circle and line through it, that's why (and yes I am a doofus...hangs head in shame...)


Wednesday 26 June 2013

CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Séduction

Séduction (£38) forms part of the recent Jeux de Regards Collection. It contains a medium warm burgundy with satin finish, shimmered cool champagne, apricot with fine shimmer and a deep matte brown.

The colours work extremely well together and though it does contain two warm shades, I still find the overall look more neutral in tone. This is the round pan European baked format so the shades have a dryer texture and powdery feel. The colour pay off it quite good, though for more vibrancy its best to use them wet.
Swatched below dry and then with a dampened brush

The colours apply well and have an average wear, though I would recommend using an eye primer first. I have rather varied luck with Chanel quads, but this might well be my favourite thus far. Unlike quite a few predecessors, I do not find the colours go on muddy or too sheer.
Below I have used the shadows dry, using the foam applicators supplied (with all colours apart from the liner). They're usable but I still don't like them.

The colours coordinate really well to create a daytime hazy look but can also be built up with the two deeper shades to add a smokey hue.

I bought this from Boots.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Liz Earle Make up

Relatively new to the makeup scene (I think the line launched around May 2012), I can't say the imagery/descriptions of the Liz Earle range really caught my attention and instead its been more of a slow burner whereby I've picked up bits and pieces here and there.

As you'd expect from the Liz Earle brand the colour palette is very much about natural, east to wear shades. I think they have priced themselves well (mid-end, similar to MAC pricing). Packaging is functional and simplistic.
The shadows (£13.50 each) tend to have a matte or slightly shimmery finish. The shimmers have a soft, creamy feel and better pigment, whereas I find the mattes dryer in feel and less pigmented however both finishes apply and blend well.

Golden sand is a warm yellowed beige with slight shimmer, it makes a nice lid wash for a clean, refreshed look. I think this would work best on those who suit warmer toned shades.

Taupe is a matte cool toned taupe. I actually think very few brands can produce actual cool toned matte taupes, so this is a great find.

Signature Lip Colour in Azalea (£14) is a soft coral. The lipstick feels quite balm like and is comfortable.

The Blend & Contour Brush (£12.50) has a soft long sculpted head. It picks up just the right amount of colour and blends in extremely well with a delicate touch so as not to displace product. The brush has a tendency to fluff out quite a bit after washing so its worth re-shaping when wet.

Though the range doesn't give me that giddy glee like some of my favourite brands, I do think it has definite merits and I will continue to purchase more from the line. Overall quality is good and the colours and ease of application make this a very no fuss, mistake proof, flattering range.

I bought these from

Wednesday 19 June 2013

SUQQU Blend Colur Eyeshadow 04 Keshizumi

There has been mention that Suqqu are discontinuing some of the colour blend eyeshadows from the regular line up, so I bought Keshizumi (£45) which had been a long time member of my makeup wish-list.

Suqqu shadows are densely packed, they feel smooth (the mattes are a tad dryer to the touch) and are incredible lightweight with no fall out.

The palette contains a shimmer silver, shimmery taupe, matte white and a dark matte plum brown.
The shimmer is subtle so it never looks over done. Suqqu excel at creating refined, elegant colour options.

Pictured below, I used the brushes that came with the palette for application so its not quite as blended as I would normally choose but it shows they are usable.

From what I have tried of recent seasonal eyeshadow quad releases (2012 onwards) there is a difference in texture to the regular line up, they are more creamy in feel and more pigmented. I don't have a preference as such but its worth bearing in mind if you are use to the newer formula.

I bought this from

Sunday 16 June 2013

Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer

I had high hopes for the Burberry concealer having read good reviews and being a fan of the high quality cosmetic line.

It come in a click pen dispenser with a brush tip. There is a good amount of shades to choose from, I selected Light Beige No.01 (£26) which is a good match for my pale cool toned skin.

Swatched below L-R MAC studio finish NC15, Burberry Light beige, MAC studio finish NW20

Its more opaque that the normal concealers in this pen type format and does provide a medium coverage. It has a creamy texture and does not look dry, I do find that it doesn't seem to set on the skin so is still movable and thus can settle into lines, or transfer off if you touch your skin so I dust on a bit of powder to prevent this. It gives a hint of luminescence but very much sits in the concealer rather than highlighter category.
Shown below without any concealer and then with the Burberry.

It doesn't provide the level of coverage I need for my dark circles and I did actually prefer it as a concealer on the face rather than under eyes, though unfortunately it broke me out but I expected this as it contains salt (I just like to test drive a product fully before I review it).
I think this is a good medium coverage concealer that has a natural skin like finish and some light reflecting qualities but ultimately doesn't have the level of coverage I require for my under eye area.


I bought this from

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette

There was a feeling of regret after I bought this, it was not a planned purchase, but I happened to spot it and couldn't resist the pretty array of colours.

I am fully aware that I can rarely get away with wearing warm tones on my eyes which is why this is a "what was I thinking" buy. This palette (£36) is a mix of warms and cool but the warms do not err towards neutrality, instead they are blazing hot warms.
Can I wear any of the warm shades....heck no.

I think there is always a risk involved when brands put both warm/cool colours in the same palette and I think given that the cooler shades are on the whole darker and are not extreme cools, its more likely that someone who can wear warms could pull this off as a whole rather than someone who looks best in cool tones.
Dry swatches below,

The shades all have great pigment (though really come to life when used wet) feel quite smooth and blend nicely.
The finishes are mostly shimmer and I feel would be better placed on skin younger than mine. There is a bit of colour fade (even with a base) and I find using too many of the shades can lead to murkiness (as you can see from my photo below) but overall for the price its a good quality palette.


I bought this from Boots.

Sunday 9 June 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Powder Loves Lights Goddess

Beautifully packaged, Rouge Bunny Rouge really know how to excel at presentation.

The RBR love lights highlighters have a wonderful texture, they feel extremely soft and smooth and have a very lightweight feel. They don't just sit on the skin like a lot of highlighters do, instead they just meld in to give a subtle sheen (rather than anything frosty or overly shimmery).
Another major plus for me is that these do not break me out and do not highlight my pores.

Goddess (£31) is a warm bronzed gold, it gives a sun kissed gleam to the skin (I've had this since December so my photo is after its been used quite a bit rather than in a new pristine condition).

Swatched below L-R: RBR Bronzing Glow Powder At Goldcombe Bay, RBR Goddess, Dior Nude tan pink glow (bronze side only).

This particular shade is probably best suited to those less cool toned than myself but nevertheless I think this is a wonderful formula and I really hope RBR add to the line up (there are currently only two shades, my review of the baby pink, Sweet to touch is here).

Disclosure: I received this via a gift certificate (given to me by RBR) from

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Chanel Moon River Stylo Eyeshadow

Probably the most popular of the new stylo eyeshadows from the Summer 2013 L'Ete de Papillon de Chanel collection, Moon River (£23) is a beautiful metallic, shimmery, taupe/platinum.

The colour looks different in certain lights so the above photo is with flash and then the corner right is in natural light.
Swatched below and then blended in.

The consistency is very reminiscent of the discontinued Chanel Ombre D’eau, very wet in feel and providing a cooling sensation to the touch. It feels creamy and glides onto the lid without sliding around and it has a quick setting time, so quick in fact that I find it impossible to blend. Though it applies evenly with one swipe, I find to try and layer makes it rub off in areas and look patchy. Unfortunately it also shares the same discomfort I use to experience from some of Chanel Ombre D’eau's in that it makes my lids feel very tight.

I should say that I have sensitive skin and if you were a fan of the Chanel Ombre D’eau's you will probably like this.
Unfortunately for me, even if I take away the discomfort in feel, this is something I regret buying due to the application/inability to blend.
Ultimately a gorgeous colour but not with a formula to match.


I bought this from John Lewis.

Sunday 2 June 2013

Dior Nude Tan Paradise Duo in Pink Glow

The Summer Bird of Paradise Collection offers two bronzer/blush duos, Coral glow (which contains a deeper,warmer, bronzer) and the lighter of the two, Pink glow (£40).

The palette comes with a  small kabuki brush (the same as with the My Lady Palette). Its quite soft and works well to pack on product though I think its more suitable for highlighter/finishing powder than for a blush/bronzer application.

The compact is quite heavy and contains a mirror.

The product has good pigment, so I apply gingerly. The bronzer does not have any overly orange nor yellow tones, so is great for pale skins looking for a realistic healthy look.
The blusher shade is a reasonably bright warm pink with a sheen finish, the shades combined result in more of a coral pink effect.

The powder feels smooth and silky, blends effortlessly and has a long wear. Its a high quality product that is versatile in its application (should you wish for a sheer or more intense look) and the pans are big enough that you can can wear the bronzer and blusher separately.


I bought this from John Lewis

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