Sunday 16 June 2013

Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer

I had high hopes for the Burberry concealer having read good reviews and being a fan of the high quality cosmetic line.

It come in a click pen dispenser with a brush tip. There is a good amount of shades to choose from, I selected Light Beige No.01 (£26) which is a good match for my pale cool toned skin.

Swatched below L-R MAC studio finish NC15, Burberry Light beige, MAC studio finish NW20

Its more opaque that the normal concealers in this pen type format and does provide a medium coverage. It has a creamy texture and does not look dry, I do find that it doesn't seem to set on the skin so is still movable and thus can settle into lines, or transfer off if you touch your skin so I dust on a bit of powder to prevent this. It gives a hint of luminescence but very much sits in the concealer rather than highlighter category.
Shown below without any concealer and then with the Burberry.

It doesn't provide the level of coverage I need for my dark circles and I did actually prefer it as a concealer on the face rather than under eyes, though unfortunately it broke me out but I expected this as it contains salt (I just like to test drive a product fully before I review it).
I think this is a good medium coverage concealer that has a natural skin like finish and some light reflecting qualities but ultimately doesn't have the level of coverage I require for my under eye area.


I bought this from


  1. Burberry is on my *need to try this* list. Thanks for this, really helpful review as per x

    1. Thanks Jan, I think there are quite a few Burberry products you would like :)

  2. Aww sorry it didn't work for you :(

    KvD concealer with BB corrector underneath has been working pretty well for me. If you can get your hands on it, I think it's great stuff.

    1. I did have a BB corrector I quite liked so will have to revisit that, I'll look into the KvD if we can get it here, thanks for the recs :)

  3. Dear Replica, I'm sorry to hear that it broke you out. Mine is siting on my dresser table untouched for a while. I've been too lazy to apply a concealer and the shade is too light for me now.

    1. I am use to things breaking me out, seems to happen more often than not ;)
      Thats a shame yours is too light for you, maybe it well work better in the winter months, its probably sitting crying on your dresser table as we speak...;)


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