Wednesday 29 May 2013

Chanel Jeux de Regards Collection

Chanel released a mini collection recently, it showcases the new Le Volume de Chanel mascara and also features two Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow quads (Fascination and Séduction) two Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadows (Apparition and Convoitise) and 6 Stylo Yeux Waterproofs (Gris, Bleu Exquis, Taupe, Espresso, Santal,Grenat). Some of the liners we have seen before but I think the other products are new (or at least new to me).
Here are photos from the little product booklet.

I was very tempted by Fascination as it seemed more pigmented that the normal baked Chanel shadows and featured wearable blues and also the warm, sandy vibe of Séduction looked really nice for a daytime look.
Here is what I picked up,

I was previously not a fan of the formula of Illusion d’Ombres as found them prone to creasing and colour fade (even with a base), I took a chance on Convoitise (£24) and am extremely glad I did as I find this lasts far better than my previous ones. Its a sheer shimmery gold, great for a wash of golden shimmer but even better used as a topper on powder or cream shadows.

Swatched below Tom Ford cream shadow in  Pink Haze and Benefit powder shadow in thanks a latte on their own and then with a layer of Convoitise.

I've had a lot of Stylo Yeux Waterproofs in my time,some are very pigmented and apply smooth, others can be a bit lacking in pigment and on the dry side. I can't say that Taupe (£19) is one of the best, I don't think the colour payoff is that good and do have to run this over several times, and whilst it looks smooth on, it doesn't glide on as easily as I would like, nor does it adhere to the water line. A shame as the colour, a slightly shimmered mauve taupe, is gorgeous.
Convoitise and Taupe swatched below followed by all the items applied.

Seeing the brush of the Le Volume de Chanel mascara, I expected clumps so got a sample.
I do find it clumpy and it does require a lot of wiping of product from the brush to make this wearable, once on it gives thickness and length, though not much in the way of lift, I'm not overly impressed to be honest, as find it looks rather messy on.

Overall I highly recommend Convoitise, its a dream to apply and I find that it can really enliven other shades.

I bought these from Boots, the mascara was just a little sample they give out.

Sunday 26 May 2013

Dior Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise: Jelly Lip Pens & Dior Addict

The Dior summer lip offerings are mostly focused on fresh, juicy pinks and corals that we associate with the summer season.

Of the four Addict lipsticks, I decided against the pinks and opted for On the Beach (£24). It looks quite vivid in the tube but goes on as a sheer coral pink with a glossy finish.

I like the balm like moisturising formula of the Addict line, though they do not last long.

The collection also features Jelly Lip Pens (£19). The pigment is higher than I was expecting, and they go on smooth and feel very hydrating.

Ilhabela is a cool pink with micro glitter and Carioca is a shimmery apricot. Both shades give that shiny look you'd get from a gloss. They are really quick and easy to apply and they have a twist up system so no need to sharpen. I am really liking these and am very tempted to pick up the other two shades from the collection.
Swatches L-R: Carioca, On the Beach, Ilhabela
I find these are all comfortable in feel and flattering, easy to wear shades. My Dior purchases are often hit and miss but these are most definitely a hit.

I bought these from John Lewis

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Dior Bird of Paradise Summer Collection: Peacock Palette

Limited edition for Summer 2013, Peacock (£40) contains a mix of warm greens and blue tones.

These are not the colours I normally gravitate towards as they don't tend to suit me and I must confess to buying this on a whim rather than with rational thought.

The shades have a variety of depths and vary between shimmer and satin in finish, you get a medium warm green with strong yellow undertones; very sheer beige with a yellow undertone (this has micro glitter), very pale yellow green, medium cool toned silvered blue with a hint of teal and in the centre a pale aqua with a slight gold iridescence.

In terms of the formula, this is far from Dior at its best; the top and bottom right shades have poor pigment and are dry in feel. The other three shades have better colour pay off and apply quite smooth, though its still not the creamy feel, ease of blending nor long wear you can get from a good Dior Quint.

However, I do really like the shades and have been surprised that they do not look garish and the overall effect is more muted, wearable brights, though still retaining that crisp clear colour.

Though these colours do not sit well with my colouring, (they look slightly off against my pale, very cool toned skin and blue eyes) I do think its a shame that the overall formula is not up to par as the combination and different nuances of the shades could have made this a knock out palette.

I bought this from John Lewis

Sunday 19 May 2013

Tom Ford Summer 2013: Pink Lust Lip Lacquer

The final item I bought from the Tom Ford summer collection is the Pink Lust Lip Lacquer (£25).

Its limited edition and comes in a squeeze tube. I really like the formula, It has a balm texture that has just the right amount of slip, it applies very smooth and feels moisturising and hydrating. Though it has a very short wear time, its a pleasure to wear as it feels so cushiony and comfortable.

The colour is a very sheer warm golden pink shimmer, it does have a frosty look to it, which I am not a fan of.

I don't have pigmented lips and do find this very sheer so I can see that this might not show up on a lot of people.
That's not to say that it doesn't have any colour payoff, I've swatched it below next to my Burberry lip glow in Nude Rose which is one of my sheerest glosses.

It is a lovely formula, and had it been devoid of any frostiness and a touch higher on the pigment I would have been tempted to buy a back up.


I bought this from

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Tom Ford Summer 2013: Blush Guilt Illuminating Cheek Color

Ever feel like the odd one out? That will be me and my thoughts on the Tom Ford Blush Guilt Illuminating Cheek Colour, amongst the sea of glowing reviews.

One of two limited edition cheek colours for Summer 2013, it comes in a chubby twist up stick. I find the plastic casing feels flimsy and do worry that it will crack, given the price (£48) I expected something that felt a bit more robust.

In the tube its a beautiful shimmery warm pink seashell. Though I was expecting this to be sheer I was surprised that even applying multiple applications on my very pale skin, it imparts pretty much no colour (though it leaves a faint sparkle which is only noticeable if you get close up).

What it does provide is a glossy sheen that if I apply too much can look overly shiny.
In terms of the formula, it glides on, without feeling too tacky or slippery, and feels smooth (it applies more easily that say a NARS multiple). The product doesn't set as such and the sheen lasts around 6 hours on my dry skin.
Swatched below on the left 9 times and then on the right 9 times again but blended over gently with a brush

Like a lot of cream products it does tend to wipe off any makeup you may already have on you skin, so I tend to just mix it with my base and apply together or just apply on smaller areas gently and then carefully build up so as not to disrupt the base.
Yes this applies well and yes it does give a nice sheen to the skin, but for me I just don't think its that special. I love illuminating products that give radiance but I don't feel like this particularly enhances my complexion.


I bought this from

Sunday 12 May 2013

Tom Ford Summer 2013: Cream Colour for Eyes in Escapade and Pink Haze

Being slightly underwhelmed with quite a lot of my Tom Ford products to date,  I wondered if the highly rated cream colours for eyes would finally let me experience the magic that others feel with the Tom Ford cosmetic line.

Limited edition for Summer 2013, at £28 each with quite a generous amount of product, 6 grams compared to the 4 grams of a Chanel Illusion d' Ombre.
Pictured below in natural light

Having missed out on the last cream shadow release I wasn't sure what to expect; the texture is quite different as its not tightly packed, or solid but has a light weight, whipped mousse sort of feel and has quite a bit of movement and slightly spongy texture. 
I cannot attest to the long lasting power as others experience, as I find these crease quickly so an eye primer is a must for me.
I have a very mixed opinion on these shades so lets start with Escapade which I was expecting to like most. 
Pictured below inside and then in natural light.
Its a warm toned peachy gold with a shimmer/iridescent sheen, pigment is quite sheer and I do not find it buildable or easy to blend/layer well with other shades, the result is patchy and it rubs off in areas.
Swatched below on the left and blended on the right:
Pink Haze is a warm copper pink with a shimmered finish that has a slight metallic edge. It has a higher level of pigment and gives a smooth even coverage and is buildable if desired. It blends beautifully and layers well.
Pictured below inside and then in natural light.
Swatched below on the left and blended on the right:

Shown below is both shades together and this is the least patchy as I can get Escapade.

Below is with Pink Haze on the lid and a bit of  Escapade above it.

If you can wear warm tones then I fully recommend Pink Haze, as though a primer is required, I think the texture /application is a very high quality. I cannot say the same for Escapade, for me a cream shadow has to blend/layer well and this just isn't the case for this particular shade.

 I bought these from

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Studio 78 Paris

Studio 78 Paris is a new to me makeup brand that is featured on a lot of natural/organic shopping sites.

Studio 78 caught my eye as its look modern in style with an interesting array of products/colours.

The range is certified by EcoCert, and ingredients range from 99% - 100% natural and 10%-44% organic.
The We Breathe Eye Shadow come in a baked formula and have a strong cardboard packaging and a little mirror on the inside of the lid.
Of the 8 colours in the range, I bought #06 - Sleep In (£19). Its a semi matte warmed beige, with a slight pink tone. Pigment is low, though it can be used wet to take it up a notch, I prefer to use it dry as I find the pink of it can make me look a bit tired.
Though its quite smooth, it does feel rather dry. I have to wear an eye primer to stop this creasing but do still get slight colour fade.
When I bought the shadow there was a gift with purchase of the We Flirt Around Mascara (£21) in black.
Its more of a natural looking effect giving some length and fullness, it does catch all the lashes really well. Unfortunately this flakes, the photo below is just after I have put it on (hopefully you can see the black specks that has gone on my under eye area) and the flaking gets worse as the day goes on.


I do think the range has interesting packaging and a nice neutral array of colours. However, there does seem to be a vast difference in scale of brands that fall under the "natural" umbrella and I do think those looking for an organic range might want a higher percentage of said ingredients than Studio 78 offer (compared to brands such as Kjaer Weis which contains at least 95% organic ingredients).
Overall I am not feeling infused as given the price range, I just feel like the quality of formula isn't there.

I bought the shadow from and the mascara was a GWP.

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