Wednesday 29 May 2013

Chanel Jeux de Regards Collection

Chanel released a mini collection recently, it showcases the new Le Volume de Chanel mascara and also features two Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow quads (Fascination and Séduction) two Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadows (Apparition and Convoitise) and 6 Stylo Yeux Waterproofs (Gris, Bleu Exquis, Taupe, Espresso, Santal,Grenat). Some of the liners we have seen before but I think the other products are new (or at least new to me).
Here are photos from the little product booklet.

I was very tempted by Fascination as it seemed more pigmented that the normal baked Chanel shadows and featured wearable blues and also the warm, sandy vibe of Séduction looked really nice for a daytime look.
Here is what I picked up,

I was previously not a fan of the formula of Illusion d’Ombres as found them prone to creasing and colour fade (even with a base), I took a chance on Convoitise (£24) and am extremely glad I did as I find this lasts far better than my previous ones. Its a sheer shimmery gold, great for a wash of golden shimmer but even better used as a topper on powder or cream shadows.

Swatched below Tom Ford cream shadow in  Pink Haze and Benefit powder shadow in thanks a latte on their own and then with a layer of Convoitise.

I've had a lot of Stylo Yeux Waterproofs in my time,some are very pigmented and apply smooth, others can be a bit lacking in pigment and on the dry side. I can't say that Taupe (£19) is one of the best, I don't think the colour payoff is that good and do have to run this over several times, and whilst it looks smooth on, it doesn't glide on as easily as I would like, nor does it adhere to the water line. A shame as the colour, a slightly shimmered mauve taupe, is gorgeous.
Convoitise and Taupe swatched below followed by all the items applied.

Seeing the brush of the Le Volume de Chanel mascara, I expected clumps so got a sample.
I do find it clumpy and it does require a lot of wiping of product from the brush to make this wearable, once on it gives thickness and length, though not much in the way of lift, I'm not overly impressed to be honest, as find it looks rather messy on.

Overall I highly recommend Convoitise, its a dream to apply and I find that it can really enliven other shades.

I bought these from Boots, the mascara was just a little sample they give out.


  1. Taupe stylo yeux is back! I had one from two years ago which I've used up and now I can check it out again. I agree though, the formula on this particular color is quite hard.

    1. Thats good to use up a liner in 2 years, mine just hang around for ages, staring at me.. ;)
      I'd like the colour of it in a shadow formula really.

    2. I didn't tell you that it is so hard that it eventually broke off. But, *SHHHHHH*

  2. Your right ! le voulme de chanel is clumpy . Its like a clumpy Armani etk IMO .

    I need that cream shadow in my life !

    1. Yes, clumps all around, though I have to say I have never found a Chanel mascara I love and yes, you do need the cream shadow :)

  3. I want Convoitise even though I probably have a gazillion shades similar. I go crazy over Illusion D'ombres.

    1. Yes, but it might be very slightly different to what you already have and that's whats counts ;)


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