Wednesday 8 May 2013

Studio 78 Paris

Studio 78 Paris is a new to me makeup brand that is featured on a lot of natural/organic shopping sites.

Studio 78 caught my eye as its look modern in style with an interesting array of products/colours.

The range is certified by EcoCert, and ingredients range from 99% - 100% natural and 10%-44% organic.
The We Breathe Eye Shadow come in a baked formula and have a strong cardboard packaging and a little mirror on the inside of the lid.
Of the 8 colours in the range, I bought #06 - Sleep In (£19). Its a semi matte warmed beige, with a slight pink tone. Pigment is low, though it can be used wet to take it up a notch, I prefer to use it dry as I find the pink of it can make me look a bit tired.
Though its quite smooth, it does feel rather dry. I have to wear an eye primer to stop this creasing but do still get slight colour fade.
When I bought the shadow there was a gift with purchase of the We Flirt Around Mascara (£21) in black.
Its more of a natural looking effect giving some length and fullness, it does catch all the lashes really well. Unfortunately this flakes, the photo below is just after I have put it on (hopefully you can see the black specks that has gone on my under eye area) and the flaking gets worse as the day goes on.


I do think the range has interesting packaging and a nice neutral array of colours. However, there does seem to be a vast difference in scale of brands that fall under the "natural" umbrella and I do think those looking for an organic range might want a higher percentage of said ingredients than Studio 78 offer (compared to brands such as Kjaer Weis which contains at least 95% organic ingredients).
Overall I am not feeling infused as given the price range, I just feel like the quality of formula isn't there.

I bought the shadow from and the mascara was a GWP.


  1. I like the eyeshadow you have on in the pic - very pretty!
    I was tempted by this GWP as I haven't tried anything by Studio 78 (only just had a play with the products in Wholefoods). The baked products are the ones I was drawn to.

    I'm currently using the Ilia mascara and I really like it, it doesn't flake and defines nicely although it's not a really volumising one.

  2. Hi Meeta,
    Thanks :) its the Laura Mercier Orchid stick.

    I did think the blushers looked nice from what I could tell online, though I don't think I'm likely to buy from this brand again.

    The Ilia mascara does sound very nice, though it might not be as full on as my lashes need ;)

  3. Hi Replica,
    I have never heard of this brand before. The eyeshadow looks a bit pale for my liking but I think it could also be used as a bronzer. It looks more suitable as a bronzer on my skin :)

    1. Yes, I see what you mean that it could be used as a bronzer, I'm not really liking it as a shadow so will give that a try :)

  4. I agree that this would be a gorgeous bronzer! Thanks so much for the follow. Following back xxxx


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