Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Mystery Makeup Bag

Each member of the Beauty Spotlight team is giving you an insight into what lurks in our makeup bags.
This week its my turn so here are the items I keep in my handbag everyday:
They are housed in this little makeup bag
We will gloss over why I deemed this a suitable bag for a 32 year old....
I have a sample of Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Exceptional complete care cream: I think my Guerlain SA is ever hopeful that I'll buy the full size of this as she always gives me a sample when I buy from her. At around £250 for the full size this would have to be nothing short of spectacular for me to lay down that amount on one product and its not, but what it does do is really intensely hydrate the skin, even on rough areas, I therefore keep a sample in my bag should I notice any dry patches, also very useful on the nose area when you get a cold as its really takes down the sore, dry, redness.
I prefer to take a perfume with me to work rather than a body spray to freshen up should I feel the need, MAC Turquatic is a nice small size. I've been a fan of this scent for a while now, its a light fresh scent very suited to late Summer.
I have a Rouge Bunny Rouge mirror, this has taken a lot of knocks and across room lobs as my 3 year old boy has a thing about it and sometimes I can't get it off him quick enough. I am surprised it hasn't broken so I think its very robust, I love the design and that the mirror is quite big, one normal vision, one magnifying.

I rotate my lip colours, but at any given time I'll usually have three, you know just incase.. at the moment I'm clearly having a peachy/coral moment, swatched L-R: Fresh Sugar honey lip treatment, Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick Fluttering Sighs, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Misia
Next up I have a Bobbi brown Face Touch Up Stick Alabaster, useful if I have any redness that appears during the day.

Tarte fRxtion natural sugar exfoliater & lip balm duo, my friend Jeanie sent me this. Its really nifty, one side is a sugar crystal exfoliater, one side a balm. I've used mine up a lot so I'll show how it looked all nice and new.
Finally my trusty Malin + Goetz lip moisturiser, it gives instant hydration and is very soothing I can put this on broken skin with no problem, I also use this on my little boy.
So there you have it, quite concise I think given my motherload of makeup! x


  1. Very nice! And practical, too, much like something I would carry, except I would probably add a pressed powder. I see absolutely nothing wrong with carrying around three lip colors. ;) Your current 3 are quite pretty. I have always wanted that RBR mirror because I love my P&J one so much, but it doesn't have magnified size. Maybe I should take advantage of Zuneta's free shipping this weekend.

  2. Paperchase have some very cute bags, I like the smiley face cakes.
    That is a nice selection of products. I keep mostly lip stuff in mine although I usually start the week off with 2 then end up with 6 by the end of the week as I sometimes don't take them out.

  3. Nice, all the essentials and a fragrance too. Im curious about that MAC scent now. I like fresh smelling scents

  4. What a darling bag and the contents are just so perfect! You really have everything covered- I like the idea of the face cream and so glad you like the Tarte balm =)

  5. I love having a peek inside what people have in their makeup bag, and this is a great selection. Thanks for sharing. Jan x

  6. I have to say compared to me you are a minimalist :). The Tarte lip duo looks great and so practical, that is definitely something I must have. I always carry a two-sided mirror--that one is so pretty!

  7. Argh! That mirror, I still mourn the loss of mine. One day I shall have to spring for another. Lovely choices, I get that particular Guerlain sample too :D xx

  8. Great items to have in your bag! I'd really like to try the tarte lip duo. Also your bag is the cutest thing I've ever seen! What could be better than desserts with faces?

  9. I love your bag. I think it's just the cutest ever. I'd buy it in a minute - age doesn't matter ever when things are this cute. I never carry moisturizers with me so that's interesting that you do.

  10. i love your bag, any thing that can fit in a perfume bottle is simply amazing!
    Grace xx

  11. What a whimsical bag. I don't think we ever get too old to enjoy such things. I would be sorely tempted like you! Paperchase has such fun designs.

  12. That is a totally suitable bag for a 32 year old, and I love it! We all need some whimsy in our lives!

  13. I like your cute little bag and pretty mirror! I also have the Tarte exfoliator/lip balm. :) I know what you mean about the Guerlain, they keep pushing the Orchidee skincare every time I visit the counter, but for the cost it would have to work miracles! :)

  14. Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Thanks :) I thoroughly recommend the RBR mirror, there's just something that little bit special about it.

    Hi Meeta,
    Paperchase do have some cute things and I get my boy quite a lot of little bits and bobs from there. Before I had a makeup bag in my handbag I did seem to amass a load of lipsticks by the end of the week, guess with this I can only fit a certain amount in ;)

    Hello Imo,
    I do things the MAC is worth a sniff when you are next at the counter, seems to be their most popular one and I think thy are brining out a larger size and a rollerball of it soon as well :)

    Hello Jeanie,
    Thanks and thanks so much for the balm :) I was trying to think the other day if Tarte was ever in the UK as I am sure they would do quite well here x

    Hi Jan,
    Thanks :) I like having a look at everyones else's stuff as well x

    Hi Prime Beauty,
    LOL, shall I expect you to have a humongous makeup bag then ;) The RBR mirror really is lovely, if/when my Boy does finally destroy this one I might get the black one next time.

    Hi Jane,
    That mirror indeed! I do think you will have to treat yourself to another at some point. Maybe everyone is like us and won't spring for the Guerlain so thats why they keep giving out the samples to see if they get a taker ;) x

    Hi Kristen,
    Why thank you, it is one of those bags that makes you smile :)

    Hi MarciaF,
    Thanks, I'm glad you all approve and I didn't get disowned by the team :) Moisturiser is a must for me just in case, as I always think people home in if you have a dry patch on your face.

    Hi Grace,
    It is a handy size, not sure I could fit anything else in..perhaps one more lipstick :)

    Hi Dovey,
    I do have to admit I have some of the cutsey paperchase pens at work no less, you know just to show I mean business ;)

    Hi Proximity,
    LOL, I think your right :)

  15. Hello Makeup Magpie,
    Thank you :) You know when I look at some of the prices of the Guerlain skincare I think the majority of the makeup is a lot better value in comparison, reminds me of Sisley a bit of the pricing difference within a brand x

  16. We're losing our Paperchase when we say goodbye to Borders. 3 lipsticks? There are - admitting this shamefacedly - more than a dozen lip things in mine. I do peek in there and try to cut some, but it hasn't worked yet.

  17. Hi Soos,
    I'll not feel bad about having 3 lipsticks then ;) Our Borders went as well not long ago but luckily we had a freestanding paperchase store as well.

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