Sunday 4 March 2012

Too Faced Natural Face Natural Radiance Face Palette

Though I seldom buy from Too Faced, as soon as I saw how pretty this was on Charlie from ladyofthelane, I had to pick it up. Its a face palette that is meant to create a warm, sun-kissed glow.
It comes in a magnetised cardboard compact with mirror and contains three cards which demonstrate different application techniques/product placement.
The palette (£31) contains the following:
Bronze Veil-warm golden bronze with very slight shimmer, I'd say the pigment is more buildable, which I think preferable as it means it will work for a variety of skin tones
Crème Blush-warm rose
Powder Blush-highly pigmented shimmery coral pink
Concealer-The colour is a medium beige, its probably best suited to those around a MAC 20-30. This gives very sheer coverage and does not provide enough cover for my dark circles.
Luminizer-a sheer champagne base with peachy pink shimmer.
Brightener-Yellow toned and I think this would work for a wider range of skin tones than the concealer, from a shade lighter than a MAC15 right up to a shade 30.
The powder products have a nice smooth texture and the creme blush does not have a tacky finish and applies really smooth with no patchiness.The Concealer, Luminzer and Brightener have a high level of slip to them, whilst I think this works for the brightener/Luminizer, the concealer could have done with having a more creamy texture as I find it can disappear from the skin if you try and blend it in too much.

Swatches L-R:Bronze Veil,Crème Blush, Powder Blush,Concealer, Luminizer,Brightener.
I think this is a great palette and something I can see myself using up. Though the concealer is not right for me, I just mix it with the brightener.
The colours of the palette work so well together and it really does deliver on giving a healthy, fresh faced radiance to the skin, my complexion just looks better when I use this.

I'll most definitely pay more attention to Too Faced releases from now on.

I only have half the ingredients as there was a sticker over the others, but the Too Faced website does list them all.

I bought this from Boots


  1. I have this and I really really like it. I think that every single product is usable and all in all I am almost amazed its a Too Faced Palette. Don't get me wrong I love the brand.. but I never take it too seriously!!

    1. Hi Tali,
      I think your right, I don't really think about Too Faced as a sleek, grown up type of brand, its more of a fun brand really :)

  2. Oh Yay! I'm so glad you like it! There's nothing worse than people buying things after you rave about them and then they hate it! It really is a fab product.

    1. Hi Charlie,
      Well thank you for looking so lovely with it on and making me have to buy it, my mother had to get one as well ;)

  3. Oh, this looks interesting! I confess I normally pay no attention to Too Faced products (apart from shadow insurance) so I will have to rectify this.

    Happy Birthday by the way :D xx

    1. Hi Jane,
      Yes, I was a SI only customer with Too Faced, I do think this would work rather well on you actually, I can see it now..
      Thanks for the birthday wishes, I got a Sue Devitt palette (which was on my list) from husband and a Becca nail polish(not on my list so was amazed he picked out something I wanted)I hope you had a nice day, I'm sure the little ones helped you eat your cake xx

  4. I didn't know this palette existed, but everything in it looks lovely! Shame the concealer doesn't cover well.

    1. Hi Vintage Makeup,
      It is really nice, I'm very glad I picked it up. I think my dark circles are quite bad so I imagine more "normal" people would get on with the concealer ;)

  5. These look really nice and fresh! I have the similar kit by Laura Mercier (Bonne Mine) with a cream bronzing Veil, two cream blushes and two cream highlighters. I think it came out some time early last year, but I only just got it and was surprised by how wearable these kinds of products are. They can help create a quick look with minimal effort as they can be used anywhere on the face.
    Have a lovely week honey :))
    Nina x

    1. Hi Nina,
      I was very tempted by the LM but felt that some of the colours looked rather dark? You are tempting me again, I'll have to see if my counter still stocks it, I was quite interested in that Custom Artist Portfolio that they are bringing out, assuming it comes out here, though it will not doubt me rather spendy.
      Have a great week too :)

  6. testing the comment system to see if the catpcha verification system is still on

  7. I adore Too Faced and most especially love the cheat-sheet cards included. I need those types of things and they are a huge help for me. Thanks for the swatches, I'll look for this at ULTA!

    1. Hi Tina,
      It is a real gem of a palette, my mother got one as well and really likes it, I'll have to pay more attention to Too Faced from now on :)


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