Wednesday 24 October 2012

Chantecaille Lip Chic Amour & Isis

The Chantecaille fall collection contains two new Lip Chics (£30 each).

Amour is a neutral pink, its soft, pretty with just a hint of brightness about it. I can't say that its a unique shade but its a really well done pink and its one I'll get a lot of use out of.

Contrastingly, the medium brown shade of Isis looks anything but enticing. However, though it swatches as a slightly bronzed brown (with a very slight hint of golden shimmer) once on there is definitely a bit of rose in the mix.

One of the few brown toned lipsticks that is flattering, had I'd seen this in the flesh I wouldn't have bought it, so sometimes there is an advantage to ordering sight unseen, as I have been wearing this almost everyday since I got it.
Both shades give a glossy look to the lips. They have a balm like feel and are very moisturising, the only downside is that wear time is short.

I'm very pleased with both and feel that though they are very different, they both complement the blusher and palette from the collection well.


I bought these from


  1. Greta haul. I like the look of Amour, very pretty. I stay away from brown lipstick myself. It is just a colour that doesn't suit me.

    1. I know what you mean, there are very few brown toned lipsticks that I like so I was surprised by this one, good job really considering the price ;)

  2. I love your color choice. Both color looks very fine. May I know whether Chantecaille is available in the UK? Which dept store?

    Thank you :)

    1. Thanks Memoiselle :) You can get the brand is SpaceNK stores, Fenwicks and Harrods.

  3. These both look lovely. One day I will treat myself to one of the more everyday shades in the Lip Chic formula xx

  4. Hi Jane,
    PinkSparkle84 mentioned in my By Terry powder comments that there should be a 20% off soon, so get list writing :) xx


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