Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Eye Shadow Refill round up

I thought it might be useful to show you all the newer shade refill pans from Rouge Bunny Rouge together. They currently offer 9 refill shades (of which 3 are their best-selling shades in their original line up).

Shades described below follow clockwise, starting from top left in photo.
Olive Violeteare - smoky olive with satin finish 
Umber Firefinch - satin finish cool toned medium brown
Golden Rhea - iridescent gold
Trumpeter Koel - iridescent dark grey/charcoal base with a strong blue tone.
Lilac Reef Curassow - blue toned pale lilac with a semi matte finish.
Bohemian Waxwing - shimmery taupe with a touch of warmth

Swatches below L-R:Golden Rhea,Olive Violeteare,Bohemian Waxwing,Lilac Reef Curassow,Trumpeter Koel and Umber Firefinch

The Bestselling Shadows are:
Unforgetable Oriole - cream gold with a iridescent/shimmer finish
Solstice Halcyon - semi-matte brown/taupe with a hint of mauve
Abyssinian Catbird - metallic mix of brown/bronze/olive and gold highlights.

Rouge Bunny Rouge shadows tick all the boxes for me; great pigment,blend beautifully, interesting colours and good wear.

I bought 6 of these shadows from and 3 were sent to me for free.


  1. You are my rouge bunny rouge enabler. When I finally reach a counter there will be NO MERCY.

  2. I don't dare to visit the Zuneta website in case I succumb I RBR, I love all the shades. So nice of hem to send you 3 for free.

    1. Yes, I was very pleased to receive them :) I really hope they bring out all the other shades in refills as I have hit pan on a lot now and do prefer having my shades in palettes.

  3. These look so creamy. I really need to try this brand. x

    1. Its one of most favourite brands, the shadows and lipsticks are a good place to start :)

  4. Some of my favorite RBR shades here! :)

  5. The shades are all so pretty! I have not tried RBR before and your blog makes me wants to try it very badly :p

    xx Meryl

    1. Hi Meryl,
      I would really recommend the brand, the products are really stand outs, though you might become a RBR addictive like me :)


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