Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Laura Mercier Glamour Wardrobe

The main piece from the holiday 2012 sets from Laura Mercier was the Glamour Wardrobe (£65 but I bought this on sale for £32.50).

The set offers an impressive range of products; 8 eyeshadow,5 lip glazes and 5 sheer cream colours.

The double decker palette comes contained within in a zipped pouch and has a good sized mirror.
The top layer contains the shadows and two mini eye brushes (one is dual-ended with a smudge/crease brush and the other is a long tapered blending brush).
The shadows are: 
Buttercream (matte) Yellow toned cream
Peridot (luster - limited edition) shimmery cool green,  
Heather Plum (luster - limited edition) shimmery cool plum,  
Midnight Navy (sateen - limited edition): deep navy blue
Coffee Ground (matte) deep brown
Cherrywood (luster - limited edition) shimmery warm rusty brown
Sandstone (sateen) sheer  peach
Sable (sateen) cool grey taupe.
The pigment is quite good, they blend well and last all day with an eye base. I would say though that  the lusters feel very soft, almost too much so they are better to pat on rather than sweep.

The lower level contains a lip brush and lipglazes in;  
Chambord: fuchsia
Sugarplum: sheer peachy pink
Papaya: sheer peach
Dolce: peachy beige
Brick: warm red.
The lipglazes are mostly leaning warm but all are wearable due to the sheerness. They feel a bit tacky and have an average wear. 
Finally you have the sheer creme colours; 
Rose Glow: shimmery pink
Pink Veil: peach/coral
Golden Glow: shimmery golden champagne 
Bronze Veil:  sheer warm bronze.
The creme colours do not feel sticky or greasy and I find all colours flattering (even the Bronze Veil).

There is one negative I have about this palette and its not the products inside which I think good quality and allows for endless looks, but the actual packaging. Its rather bulky and though the swivel layer I thought nifty, in use I think its rather awkward and cumbersome, especially if you usually stand with palette in hand when doing your make-up.
I think this is still around so I would recommend it if you are not easily irked by packaging like me as I think the shade range is both extensive yet universally wearable and the brushes are good quality.

I bought this from John Lewis


  1. I was going going to pick this palette up but I tend to not use lip products in palettes, I always forget they are there. It does look lovely though. x

    1. I know what you mean, I always tend to use shadows more in multi palettes. It is a lovely palette though, I always end up getting something from LM holiday sets, can't seem to resist x

  2. I think it's worth pretty well @ 32.50 pounds :)
    I like the lip glaze color, they are so wearable. The range of color is nice; neutrals to bold red.

    1. Yes, I was very pleased at the price :) I really think they have put some great colours in this set, not one that I don't like which is a novelty x


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