Sunday 10 February 2013

Les Printemps Precieux De Chanel Spring 2013: Frivole Joues Contraste & Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Attirance

Its been a long time since I have bought a Joues Contraste blush, I noticed a connection with break outs so stopped using them, however, my rationality for picking up Frivole (£31) was that it was so pigmented that I would only need the barest touch, so in theory less on the skin, less likely to break out.

Its a medium bright orange peach in the compact and applies as such. Though I apply this very lightly, it can look slightly too dark and is prone to mixing with my natural redness to make the skin look ruddy.

However, when my complexion is clearer and I apply it with exactly the right touch, it  does add a lovely warm bright flush to the skin. Though it looks matte on swatching it does have a slight sheen about it.
Swatched below on the left and blended in a lot on the right

Swatched below L-R Tom Ford Love Lust, Chanel Frivole, Chantecaille Fun, Rouge Bunny Rouge Starina.

Ingredients below (I have not experienced any breaks outs so far).

In terms of feel, this is quite smooth, though slightly powdery and a tiny bit dry. It blends in well and has a good wear time, with only slight fading after 5 hours.

I'm always caught in two minds about the Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss, the texture is a bit thick and tacky and yet they have some beautiful colours in the line up. I couldn't resist the limited edition Attirance (£25).

Its a warm golden peach with subtle shimmer. Its quite sheer and makes for a great natural polished lip.

I bought these from Boots.


  1. Loved your picks ! I got sucked in to buying the highlighter along with mouche de beaute . Eagerly waiting their arrival

    1. Thansk :) I really want to get the highlighter as well, I am sure I'll give in to the temptation :)

  2. Replica, Frivole is such a gorgeous colour. What a beautiful haul, Chanel never disappoints.

    1. Hi Jacqueline,
      I do really like this collection, was very tempted to buy a lot more than I did :)

  3. Replies
    1. I think this is the best spring collection of 2013 thus far :) xx

    2. It really is just so stunning!!!!!!! <3

  4. I agree that Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss feels thick on my lips, but the colors glides on beautifully :) I wanna see frivole o your cheeks please :)


  5. Hi Meryl,
    I did try to take a photo of it applied for this post but it just comes up washed out, I actually find this happens with any photo I attempt to take of a cheek product applied, not sure whether it is my camera, keep meaning to buy a new one but can't bring myself to lay down the money ;) x


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