Sunday 14 December 2014

Diorblush Starlight & Rouge Dior Baume Garden Party

Released as part of a mini collection with the new Rouge Dior Baume, Diorblush in Starlight (£30) was also used as part of the autumn-winter 2014-2015 haute couture collection (makeup done by Peter Philips).

I've not seen much coverage on this but its really not to be missed if you like a natural looking highlighter. Its a pale ivory with a very slight creamy pink tone, a change from all the golden toned highlighters that seem to be prevalent.

The powder feels smooth and has a long lasting wear. What makes this stand out from a lot of highlighters is the finish; its not frosty, nor very shimmery but more of a pearly glow. It adds that bit of brightness and natural highlight that catches the light, never looking over done. I've also been using this over blushers that apply a bit patchy or are too bright as this really works a trick to blend everything in and impart a soft diffused look.

Taking a swatch of this on my pale skin was very difficult, I've shown it next to the Chanel Camelia de Plumes Highlighting powder, on the left (which looks unnatural and over the top on my skintone) to show the difference in finish.

Whilst a lot of people favour a more heavily pigmented, high shimmered finish, I much prefer a natural looking highlighter and though I don't normally buy back ups of limited editions, I will do for this.

There would be something inherently wrong for me to just pick up one item from a counter visit (it would get lonely in the bag) so I bought another Rouge Dior Baume.

I went for a slightly more intense shade this time, Garden Party (£26). Its a wearable red, you can use it lightly as more of a stain or layer to intensify, though its not one of those reds that takes over the complexion.

Swatched below with my other Rouge Baumes, L-R: Garden Party, Lili, Spring.

I like the formula of these, they are not heavy/tacky and they provide hydration and are very comfortable to wear. In these colder months I've found this formula and My Burberry lip glow balms the most forgiving for dry lips.

I bought these from Boots


  1. Starlight is beautiful on you! I have swatched it, but on me it's less subtle. I like it a lot more on your skin tone :)

    1. Thank you :) I'm really pleased with it as it looked somewhat unassuming in the pan but I am using it almost every day now.

  2. I am so eyeing Starlight! Thanks so much for the comparison with Chanel highlighter!

    1. Glad to help, will be interesting to see how you like it if you do pick it up, as I can see it being a meh or love product depending on skintone.

  3. Thanks so much for the review - Starlight is gorgeous! I usually prefer a more natural highlighter too. I think we have similar skin tones, so it would be about the same on me. Now if I could only find it, lol. I hate when they don't release everything everywhere.

    1. I think we must be very similar as how items swatch on your arm is very similar to how they show up on me so I use you as one of my like for like bloggers :) I think this release has slipped under the radar somewhat, I do hope you can track it down :)

    2. Hi Clare,
      I've been looking for it - haven't seen it anywhere though. We got all the polishes released with the collection, I don't know why we didn't get any of the blushes. I've actually been wondering how Peach Splendor from Dior's Spring Collection will compare to this. Or maybe it's just Starlight under a different name - they look so similar!

    3. I never understand why brands only release certain items in certain countries, Chanel does it quite a bit as well. I've had a look and this site ships internationally and has Starlight and you can get 20% off at the moment,
      I'm not sure if peach splendor is the same, looks like it has too much colour to it from the pics?


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