Sunday, 29 November 2015

Chantecaille Holiday 2015 The Himalayan Collection: Cheek Gelée Hydrating Gel-Cream Blush

As pretty as the look is for the Tibet inspired Himalayan Collection, I wasn't really feeling the products when I checked them out instore; the lipsticks were a bit too bold for my liking and the eyeshadow duo just too shimmery.
Not one to be deterred I picked up the Cheek Gelée Hydrating Gel-Cream Blush.

The shade is called Happy and its a soft illuminating petal pink, its quite translucent so skin does show through.

Swatched below, then blended in,

The formula is a joy, it has a somewhat creamy/gel feel to it, its not heavy and it spreads over the skin and blends in impeccably. It feel moisturising and there is no sticky or greasy feel. Chantecaille state it has the lasting power of a stain and I agree with this.


There is everything to love here but I think the success of this is going to depend on the state of you skin and this is why this does not reach its full potential on me.
My skin has a lot of discolouration/acne scarring, and whilst this looks quite nice on me when I tried it on my mother (who has much clearer skin) it performed much better. My skin takes away some of the fresh pink hue and luminosity of this product, whereas on my mother the beautiful pigment and radiant glow are evident.
I think this is a great product, but you'll not get the best out of this if you have bad skin like me.

I bought this from SpaceNK


  1. I always so appreciate your reviews; as I've mentioned in the past, our skin types (dry! sensitive!) and coloring are somewhat similar, so your perspective is always helpful. I'm glad to hear you think this blush is decent, as I ordered it last week (tho I don't have it yet). Like you, it was the only thing I wanted from the holiday collection. I'll keep your thoughts--and concerns--in mind when I receive it and try it. I'm sorry it doesn't suit you as well as it does your mother. Perhaps it would make a perfect holiday gift for her? ;)

    1. Thank you, that's lovely to hear, I do think our tastes are rather similar :)
      I'd love to know how you get on with it when you get it, I am tempted to try one of the more highlighter type ones as the formula really is lovely.
      I've given Happy to my Mum already, so great minds think alike ;)

    2. What a pretty color! Thanks for the great review. I am tempted to get this, as my face could definitely use a bit of radiance and this is my favorite type of pink :)

    3. Thanks, its such a fresh pop of colour, you have clear skin so I think this would look lovely on you x

    4. I've had the blush for a week or so now...and I don't love it. I do think the formula is nice, and I agree with you that a highlighter version would probably be wonderful. (Do read reviews of their liquid highlighters, however; I read one, somewhere, can't remember where, that said they are extremely shiny. Which could be nice! Just depends on what you want.) The reason I don't love this blush is it doesn't show up much on my skin--unless I really pile it on--and it doesn't last very well. Though it has a wonderful glow. I need to give it a few more chances, but I've worn it about 4 times so far and I'm definitely not in love. Too bad! I like much of what Chantecaille has to offer. One thing I adore is their primer/sunscreen. Have you tried it? Yes, it's absurdly expensive, but I do find it a) helps keep moisture in my skin, b) prolongs the wear of my TM/foundation, and c) the high level of sunscreen is a big bonus. I don't really know whether you would like it--it's VERY silicone-y--but if you get the chance to try it, and you haven't already done so, do. At least you'd probably like it more than the Sunday Riley primer you just reviewed. I've always been tempted by that one--but after your review, I know it's not for me. So thank you!

    5. What a shame, I wonder if it would work better if you layered it so it was under a powder blusher? I'd not tried that but thinking about it, its probably worth a go.
      Well shiny can be a good or bad thing, I've very temped though, think I'll go for the one called sheen.
      I'd not tried the Ultra Sun Protection Spf 50, I wasn't sure how I'd get on with the chemical sunscreens in it as my skin tends to work better with the physical ones, you put a tempting case forward though ;)
      Have you tried the just-skin-tinted-moisturiser? I've been eying that up for a while so might take the plunge as want something like my Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB but a bit more moisturising.


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