Wednesday 22 July 2009

Illamasqua "Odd" pencil update

If you had read my previous post entitled "Illamasqua bits and bobs" I was not too happy with the texture of my "Odd" medium pencil. I emailed Illamasqua and apparently they are going to look into it. They sent me medium pencil in "Devotion" to make up for it, which is a lovely mint green and the texture is really smooth as per my other medium pencil Hex. I was very impressed that Illamasqua replied so fast to my email and send me a replacement, can't beat that for customer service!


  1. That was nice that they took care of you. I am in the process of sending back some things to them. I emailed them that I had some issues with some of their products. I felt bad, but I feel that if no one says anything- how will they know? I guess there was some batch issues with the eyeshadow and that is why some of them were not pigmented.

  2. Hello Miss Zoe,
    Yes I think there have been a few issues but they are so great to deal with, the best customer service I have ever had. Thanks for your comment


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