Saturday 4 July 2009

Illamasqua nail varnish

I have a few Illamasqua nail varnishes now, see picture below. These apply true to the colour in the bottle ( you don't need loads of coats) they last well with minimal chipping, and dry fast. Out of all the polishes I have tried ( which is a mix of both low and high end) I definitely prefer these, the only one I had that I wasn't too keen on was Brigette as this took a while to set ( this is one of the Juicy ones so its a different formula, loved the colour though, jelly like cherry).
Loella is a true bubblegum pink with a bit of fuchsia/lavender shimmer, Lament is a hot coral (great shade for summer), Obtuse is a shimmery,almost metallic goldy bronze and Boosh, a deep true black.


  1. Thanks for swatches.
    Lament is calling me :) I have to order it.

  2. I'm really loving Lament,so I definitely recommend it:) I'm tempted to get Muse next, seen that on a few blogs looks like a really striking teal

  3. I love almost every shade.I was in love with lipsticks and intense lipglosses :) But after seeing these swatches,I need nail varnishes :)

  4. Yes this brand is addictive, think I'll get Baptiste next as that seems to have good a lot of raves

  5. Ahhh... wish I didn't see this post.Now I need to add Lament to my wish list. I feel that Illamasqua is taking over my beauty stash!

  6. Hi Miss Zoe,
    I know what you mean, I think nearly 50% of my stash is Illamasqua at the moment. Thanks for your comment


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