Monday 29 June 2009

Illamasqua eyeshadow haul

I bought some more shadows, not quite my usual colours but they are surprisingly wearable. Vanian is a very useful shade to have, its a sheer shimmery white, but unlike your usual shimmery whites it does not apply chalky or obviously white and instead I find it works great to give a bit of lift to other shades with its gentle shimmer and also if using brights it just tones down and blends it all in, really loving this one and I'm quite surprised :)
Creep (beautiful violet)looks great in the inner part of the lid blended with wonder (deeper more blue toned violet) on the outer lid, and a bit of Furore pigment (peach champagne shimmer) in the middle just add a taupe in the crease and it gives a really fresh, eye catching look.

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