Saturday 27 June 2009

Sisley again !

Well I somehow ended up at the Sisley counter again, this time I bought the other eye shadows that caught my eye last time, shade Quartz, I'd describe this as medium grey verging on taupe, really pretty colour, great for those cool toned. I also bought two lipsticks which I am not that pleased with Phyto-Lip Shine in sheer Burgundy and one of the Rouge à Lèvres Hydratant Longue Tenue lipsticks. I'll post pictures of the lipsticks soon but will say that the Phyto-Lip Shine fades incredibly quickly ( I have several sheer lipsticks my favourite being Armani sheers and they last much longer). What put me off was the SA, once she realised I was only buying makeup ( I imagine Sisley make most of their money on skincare as they makeup isn't too ridiculous priced) became less helpful, less interested and started talking to another SA over me, rude, so won't be going back there !
Here's a picture of the eyeshadow in Quartz

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