Sunday 21 June 2009

Sisley eye shadows

This is the first time I have bought Sisley cosmetics. Their eye shadows cost £23 so price wise they are a long the lines of Chantecaille. Having looked at their make up range the first thing that struck me is that's its quite small and offers very basic shades, this is not a line for people who like to experiment with colors. I picked out two shades of shadow, Sorbet a sheer shimmery peach champagne and Dune a sheer shimmery beige with a slight gold tone to it. These shadows are easy to apply and real no brainer shades, great when you don't want to have to spend to much time on your makeup. They are very smooth, last and the colour stays true. Would I buy anymore, well to be honest there is probably only one other shade I'd get ( a taupe, who can resist taupe's !) but this is more to do with the lack of interesting shades rather than the performance of the product.

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