Wednesday 27 January 2010

Lancome Pop Petrol

I don't tend to bother with Lancome but since Aaron De Mey joined them, their collections have looked more interesting. As soon as I saw the nail varnish in pop petrol (part of the spring O My Rose 2010 collection) I knew I had to have it. I was slightly dismayed when I got it home that my one did not look as vibrant or shimmery as the tester in store. Its a really nice shimmered dark forest green, the formula is thick and the brush is quite wide and I only needed too coats, but I do start to get chipping after two days.
It is pretty but just a bit more dull compared to the one in store. I wanted to get their kohl pencil liner in pop petrol as well but the lady in Boots said that was the one item that sold out straight away so of course I shall be heading to John Lewis to see if they have it there as it surely must be great if its sold out....right ?


  1. What's wrong with Lancome?

  2. Hi AVY,
    Its just not a brand that has ever really appealed to me that much and the things I have bought in the past, skincare,eyeshadows have not been that great. I do think the collections look a bit better recently though and I did pick up some eye liners the other day as I have heard some raves about those so will do a post on that soon. Thanks for stopping by.


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