Sunday 24 January 2010


RMK is a Japanese brand that offer makeup and skincare. I knew you could get it in Selfridges but only recently realised that were stocking it online. Its not a brand that initially attracted me, my first thoughts were that it was more a younger, fun brand, but I like to try new things and the Mystique palettes released for fall 2009 were what reeled me in.

I was torn on which shadow palette to get and finally settled on 01 Coral (yes, the name should have been a clue as to the palette's suitability to my cool toned skin) although I really wanted 03 Grey (this was used in the autumn promo image) but that was out of stock. I had read the shades were sheer so was not surprised that the 3 lighter shades in the palette were indeed very sheer, the darker two though were more pigmented. The colours are a mix of shimmer, peaches and coppers, texture wise these are very soft, perhaps a bit too much as they can go a bit crumbly, the darker colours (copper and warm brown) are not the best colours on me and do look off, there are very few warm shades that work on me and these I am sad to say do not!
I got cheek palette 01 pink beige, I was expecting it to be sheer so got out my trusty Illamasqua blusher brush, which could get pigment out of anything, and then looked back and admired my rather flushed dolly cheeks! So the next time I used my MAC #187 and got a nice cool toned pink shimmery glow, much better!
Swatch of all shades swirled together:
The shades are a white highlighter, very pale peach, shimmery orange followed by a shimmery pink and then a more vibrant very cool toned shimmery pink. Due to the size of each pan I don’t think you will be able to use these colours separately as cheek shades.
Swatches of individual shades:
Each of the five shades in both palettes seem to have a slightly different finish, I’ve no idea how this translates to the other shades in the normal blush and shadow range. I will say that the second lightest shade in each palette is very difficult to get any colour from and I feel almost redundant.
Both of these cost £25 each. The compacts are shiny silver plastic and have a good sized mirror but be warned they are very small (around 7cm x3.02cm). I like compact makeup so this suits me. ships internationally for those of you outside the UK. I did get two more things from the RMK range but the light this weekend has been terrible so I will post those separately.
Although I have a few issues with these I would like to try some more and their spring collection looks very fresh and vibrant, hopefully lookfantastic will stock a bit more of the range as its quite limited at the moment.


  1. I love these, they look so pretty, like ice cream tubs! I'd seen these on lookfantastic too and wanted to enjoy the sale, but I'd already started the p10p...hell, I think I'll include anything and everything in my list of products, so I can finish it really quickly!!!! I wish they had more choices of eyeshadows, though...Can't wait to read your 7 random facts and also the answer to Grace's tag! xx

  2. Hi Anna,
    I keep thinking of ice cream now everytime I use them :)


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