Friday 27 May 2011

Becca Halcyon Days Nail Colour and a look ahead to the Autumn Lost Weekend collection

The Halcyon Days collection introduces us to the first Becca nail polishes. The three shades are perfect warm hues for the season. The polishes don't contain any toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, or dibutyl phthalate.
I bought the shade Summerdaze (£12). This was a lot more pigmented that I had anticipated and its quite a feisty peachy coral with a cream finish.
The formula is rather thick so I apply the thinnest layers I can to avoid possible streaking. Its fast drying, lasts well, with no colour fade. Another plus is that the lids slightly rubbery texture makes it easier to open.

The Fast Drying Top Coat (£12) gives a really nice glossy look to the nails. I can safely say this is a good top coat as it excels all the others I have tried in giving me the longest wear from my Chanel polishes (which always chip on me).
Both polishes do not have a strong smell which is a nice attribute.
Ingredients (Top coat on the left)

I was delighted to see that the Australian Becca website already has the Autumn collection up on their site.
Called Lost weekend, it has really natural, almost earthy, dusty colours. I think for those who like the natural look this collection is going to be a dream.
Here is a picture of the eye palette (picture from the Becca website)

There are also two new mineral blush shades and some gorgeous looking rich nail polishes. I will be eagerly awaiting its release here.

I bought the nail colour from The Top Coat was a promotional offer that Zuneta was running recently ( its definitely worth signing up to the Zuneta newsletter as they do some really good promos)


  1. I have Tangerine Dreams on my toes right now and I am really enjoying using the top coat. The Lost Weekend palette looks lovely. I think you're going to love the nail polish shades :D
    Jane x

  2. Thanks for the fall preview. I am really surprised by the color of Summerdaze; in fact, I want it even more. I didn't buy it originally because I thought it would be too muted and 'sweet' for summer. How pretty.

  3. Summerdaze is really gorg! I'm not a fan of thick polishes though.

  4. That polish is so pretty. I just received 'Tangerine Dreams' and look forward to doing my nails with it tonight. This will be my first experience with 'Becca' cosmetics, hope all goes well.

  5. Very pretty and summery orange!
    Thank you for the link to the A/W collection. I've been dying to see the colours ever since Nicky, the SA at the Fenwick Becca counter told me it was full of rich very my kind of thing.
    I don't suppose you have tried their Boudoir pressed mineral foundation?
    Nina x

  6. Hi Jane,
    It is a really nice cheery sort of shade isn't it.
    I am really looking forward to the Lost weekend collection, so far I have decided I want everything ;) x

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    It is a lot more high impact that I was expecting, very pretty though and perfect for summer :)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I know what you mean, although I do prefer a thicker compared to too thin formula and this polish really wears well.

    Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup,
    I hope you like it, I was very tempted by Tangerine Dreams myself :)

    Hi Nina,
    I think we will both end up spending a lot on that collection :) I haven't tried the Boudoir pressed mineral foundation although I really want to as I have heard great things about it I just wasn't sure if my sensitive skin would be ok with it, have you tried it at all? x

  7. That is great peachy colour, it looks lovely on you. I also like the packaging, it is simple but a bit different from other ranges.

    Good to hear about the topcoat as I have the same issue; I wonder how it compares with Seche Vite?

  8. Hi Meeta,
    Thanks ;) I'm not sure I have tried Seche Vite (I've tried a lot so forget what I have tried sometimes!)I remeber I tried the one everyone use to rave about on MUA and thought it too thick and didn't do much but I can't think if it was SV! So I'm no help. Becca is the best I have tried so far though :)

  9. You'll have to excuse me totally butting in here! I have both Seche Vite and the Becca and I think they're quite different. SV (it will most definitely be the thick one that you're thinking of Replica) is handy for getting the nail varnish to dry quickly whereas I think the Becca is much better for prolonging the manicure without chips. I hope that's useful Meeta :)

  10. Hi Jane

    Thanks for the info Jane, that's very helpful. I do like SV as it is so quick to dry and very shiny but I wouldn't mind trying the Becca if it helps my polish stay on longer. x

  11. Very pretty shade! I love that. It's sort of similar to Chanel Orange Fizz but softer. Do you have that? xx

  12. That polish looks seriously lovely. That is the one I have been eying too. I'm glad to hear the topcoat is excellent. I wonder how it compares to my beloved poshe.

  13. Summer daze looks gorgeous, looks similar to Essie Cantaloupe

  14. Hi Jeanie,
    I don't have that shade, quite a fun name, I'll have a look out for it when I am next at the counter x

    Hi luv2smilexo,
    I wouldn't be surprised if this is the most popular shade of the 3. I've not tried the Poshe top coat I'm afraid.

    Hello Imo,
    I am really glad I got it, I do like to wear coral shades in the summer, well not that its really very summery here at the moment mind! ;)


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